Video: Revel Bikes Welcomes Brady Tweedy to the Family

Mar 28, 2020
by Revel Bikes  
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We are excited to welcome Brady Tweedy to the Revel Bikes family. Based out of Salt Lake City, UT, Brady hails from the BMX world. But he's been having a bunch of fun bringing that style to mountain bikes the past few years.

"Brady fits into the Revel family like an old friend and we are thrilled to have him along for the ride. Honestly, the crew works so hard to make these bikes and then to see someone like Brady ride them at the highest level is incredibly rewarding. I can't wait to see what he does next!" - Adam Miller, Founder

Brady rides both the Rail (black) and Rascal (blue) in this video.

Brady Tweedy getting loose.

Follow Brady on Instagram

Check out some of his BMX skills HERE

Video shot and edited by Jackson Bradshaw


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 These bikes perform incredibly well, both up AND down...this vid does a pretty good job demonstrating the latter, but I highly recommend demoing either bike to see for yourself how amazing it climbs! I demoed both the Rail and Rascal in Sedona, then Moab, after deciding on the Rascal. It was riding the Whole Enchilada on the Rascal that sold me! Rad video on some SUPER rad bikes!!
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 That nose bonk to barspin on that wooden step up put a huge smile on my face! Shred on, buddy!
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 I am a fan of what Revel is doing, but I wish they would make an enduro 29er. I would be very interested in trying one out, but unfortunately they don't have in their lineup the big 29er that I am looking for.
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 You could still try out one of their other bikes... A 27.5 inch Revel bike would ride differently to a 27.5 from a different brand...idk just a suggestion
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 joking right?
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 @dexterfawkes: But I personally prefer 29? And they only offer a 130 29er? not sure I understand you.
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 Thank god someone is sticking to 27.5. Plenty of other 29 options out there.
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 @DirtbagMatt: Making a sweet 27.5 bike and making a long travel 29er are not mutually exclusive.They could have both. They only offer a long travel 27.5 and a shorter travel 29er. They are not sticking to 27.5, they are limiting themselves with an incomplete lineup, though I am sure more options are in the works.
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 @zanda23: I’m just being salty cuz I sill rock 26!!!
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 @DirtbagMatt: Santa cruz nomad, Rocky mountain slayer, Ibis Mojo, YT Capra, Giant Trance, Transition Scout and Patrol etc.. the list goes on. 27.5 isn't some rare or dying wheelsize, just about every manufacturer makes one despite what you might like to believe, and I don't think it's unreasonable to make a longer travel 29er to add to the lineup. Like Zanda said they aren't mutually exclusive
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 We are only a year old and super small, but we want to ride one too!
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 @RevelBikes: I am very excited to see what y'all come up with in the next couple of years.
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 Dude shreds. And with cbf and all the quality people they have at revel, I can see one of their long travel Enduro/park bikes in my future
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 Thought Pinkbike was so desperate for content. That they where running a Tom Brady story. Till I saw bike.
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 Brady’s the man, super nice guy and shred the f*ck out of a bike. It’s an awesome combo of him and Revel!!
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 This makes me want to go road trip. Oh wait, borders are closed. That green river wall ride is sick!
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 the BMX background shines through so well!! awesome stuff.
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 Just put a 29er up front 2.6-2.8 maxxis n let her rip...
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 Cbf with long chainstays.
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 Hey I know that guy
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 What Jeans is he wearing?
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 That was cool
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 Ya boss!!!
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 So sick
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