Video: Reynolds, Fedko and Kaudela Get Huge Air on the Updated Audi Nines Course

Sep 9, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesThe 2020 edition of the Audi Nines presented by Falken is currently underway! Get a first glimpse of the course with Sam Reynolds, Clemens Kaudela, and Erik Fedko!

In collaboration with Bikepark Idarkopf, a crack team of top international riders has gathered in a repurposed stone quarry in Germany’s Hunsrück-Nahe bike region for a session of the superlative kind.

In the GoPro Course Preview, fans can get an exclusive first look at this year’s out-of-this-world mountain bike venue.
Audi Nines


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 I'm unclear on how this will sell more luxury cars, but sick jumps!
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 same, but i'm happy they're dumping their luxury car money into the sport we all love!
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 @SquattiePippen: Yes, sir, very happy and thankful, cause this is RADICAL!!!
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 Shhh You're doing it wrong. This video proves we all NEED an Audi RS 8teen SuperBoost hatchback spyder cross quatro mobile, its the coolest. Nailed it.
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 Car companies spend so much money on advertising it's not even funny. This is a drop in the bucket. It's essentially tons and tons of commercials for 5% of the cost of a 20 second Super Bowl spot.

Tons of material for youtube. Tons of material for instagram. Every rider is posting shots and every shot has an Audi logo. Every bike company those riders rides for is posting content and all those have logos.

You're talking about 10's of millions of clicks to a much much wider audience than any other advertising avenue for them will create. This is honestly a no brainer and I'm surprised more big companies aren't doing it.

How often are you gonna get a bunch of pro athletes together tossing $25k in bikes on top of super cars and taking pictures that get 100's of thousands of clicks?

To me... this is just huge huge evidence to how stupid it was for Red Bull to cancel Rampage. It's possible to put on an event that centered around content creation in a time when content is king because everyone in the world is at freaking home. This Rampage would have been the most viewed event in the history of the event I guarantee it.

It would not have been difficult to get the crew there. To get the set up going. To get athletes to show up. They don't make money off of people showing up to watch the event anyways... least not that much. Riders... hell 4-6 or them are already in Utah as are most of their build crews. I think if you push it and just say you're doing it you'd have 80% of the guys make it. Fill the rest with new blood like Riddle. I bet Will would come back. Ha. Maybe talk Rogatkin into it again.

It's just showing there's two ways to view things... oh crap the economy sucks we need to pinch pennies... or.... hey everyone's at home lets cash in on that. (Saying that... I'm glad the riders got to have a say in what they would and would not do. That's rare and awesome)
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 @onemanarmy: minor detail you left out... WE'RE IN A GLOBAL PANDEMIC!
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 @onemanarmy: I think the general comments are not about how many people this will reach, but what's the size of the intersecting population between the audience for this event and prospective audi purchasers. A lot of football viewers end up buying a silverado; not sure about extreme mtn bike fans and luxury sedans.

But as previously stated - I hope enough that audi and others continue/start to fund this content! Maybe put the soundtrack budget into rider prizes and go with just natural sounds though... ugh!
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 @SquattiePippen: pretty sure I didn’t leave that out... see the part where I said everyone is at home. Kinda hard to miss a fukn pandemic
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 Every Yeti I see is strapped to an Audi, Beamer or 85k lifted and kitted truck.
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 @Dustfarter: yep. plylawn is apparently quite tone-deaf to the whole 5k-bikes-are-on-the-low-end stuff in the MTB industry these days.

anyone who travels up and down the QE2 here in alberta will see dozens, if not hundreds of mountain bikes attached to vehicles just as you mentioned heading south on any given weekday or weekend.

definitely more bikes on audi allroads than bikes on chevy cavaliers.
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 I think Audi is copying the marketing success of Red Bull, they portray an Audi user associated with the lifestyle of mountain biking and viola, when you drive an Audi you are cool! I am gunna go get one as soon as I get my 96 pack of Red Bull from Cramazon!
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 1:34 - i thought it was still a first person view and got really scared of the case that was about to happen....
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 totally! sneaky of them to shift perspectives like that
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 Reynolds has 853 balls.
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 ^stoke level seems to be high with these guys... great work with the builds and now get the riding started so that we can start partying at the fences Wink
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 What a dizzying coarse, can not wait to see them bust out the big tricks.
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 Wild how some prefer a full DH bike and others prefer a DJ.
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 Sam commented on that in the previous video, "nine inches of travel for when it goes wrong" lol
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 YES, YES, YES, this is AWESOME.
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 No mega hip jump this year?
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 I think it seemed a bit unpredictable for the riders resulting in some equipment breakages and injuries. Fun to watch, but there are some good hips in this too
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 No, the quarry is getting filled in every year, and the bottom is higher than last year, so not enough room
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 @peytodog: Really? Usually it happens the other way around... it gets deeper until they're done with it.
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 Yes they are filling it in with material from a local construction of a factory @onemanarmy:
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 @peytodog: ahh. Crazy. Thanks for the insight
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 What is the music?

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