Video: Richie Schley Joins DVO Suspension

Mar 12, 2019
by Bryson Martin  

Richie Schley played a crucial role in making mountain biking what it is today. The term "free ride" had not existed yet when Richie started riding steep technical lines that were off the trail. He helped to pioneer a new segment of the sport of mountain biking and set the tone for the biggest events in the world.

Richie was a rider for us since the early days at Marzocchi Suspension. After the brand died out, Richie found support elsewhere. Now that DVO has grown and become a strong brand, Richie is back home and we're so excited to have him back!

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 “Princess Schley” - DB
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 Been running a Diamond 29 with over 50,000 meters of descending on it at races, bike parks, all over the place, and it's still kicking butt Smile
  • 7 0
 Owned two Diamonds. They are GREAT forks! Plush, no stupid tokens to deal with and very tune-able. Wouldn't run a different fork.
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 Crazy he is still sponsored after all these years!
  • 10 4
 On the forefront of the MTB scene. One of the best ambassadors to the sport.
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 he sells craploads of product in Germany - think most of his sponsors are based there now... this is the exception.
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 YT supporting the right people.
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 @endlessblockades: sticking to their 'Young Talent' motto, hey? Wink
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 Getting back to the roots! This feels like a freeride family reunion. Richie and Lenosky on DVO is a good look. Way to go, DVO!
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 That white and green has to be the sickest colour combo out there
  • 9 0
 especially on the 100 dollar bill
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 Good for him. I remember when pb comments section took a huge dump on Schley for being sponsored by Rotwild and Mercedes Benz a few years back.
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 No Schleybletop? disappointed
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 DVO make a solid product! They are user tunable and serviceable. Everyone in that building rides, and they are constantly testing and making improvements. Trying to take on Fox and Rockshox is no easy task, but these guys have something worthy of that challenge. If you get a chance to ride one of their demo bikes this summer, try it out.
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 That’s cool it comes in midlife crisis green.
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 Awesome to see Schley back home with the boys! Glad I went with DVO a few years ago and haven't wandered since!
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 So rad! DVO is the best!
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 So many possibilities to match his kit
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 Is he riding the jeffsy 29 or 27?
  • 1 0
 Looks like the 29er to me?
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  • 2 0
 Currently on a ONYX SC and its a beastly fork!
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 Anybody know what area that is? It's Utah I'm sure, but any other details?
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 Sedona, Arizona bud, we ride bikes too.
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 Schley that line!
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 I'm currently trying to choose between a DVO jade or the cheaper Marz Bomber this a sign? :-)
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flag Krzymndyd (Mar 12, 2019 at 6:06) (Below Threshold)
 Dvo has a lot of problems. 30% failure rate
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 @Krzymndyd: source?
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 I love my DVO. I will say it had a very minor issue after a full season of abuse. I will also say DVO did immediately fixed the issue and did a full pre season service on the fork while they were at it. And didn't even charge me.
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 Yeah what the f*ck are you talking about? I think you have a 100% failure rate @Krzymndyd:
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flag Krzymndyd (Mar 12, 2019 at 12:01) (Below Threshold)
 @N-60: can’t tell you but it’s true. Negative prop all you want
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flag Krzymndyd (Mar 12, 2019 at 12:11) (Below Threshold)
 @pelli: meanwhile I have never had one issue with any lyrik or fox 36 and 40 with multiple seasons on them.
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 @Krzymndyd: I've had bigger issues with rockshox, Fox, and Marzocchi in the past. I still like their stuff aswell. I'm a big dude suspension takes a beating with me no matter who makes it. There is just something with the DVO that makes it feel better for me personally.
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flag Krzymndyd (Mar 12, 2019 at 21:17) (Below Threshold)
 @pelli: not saying their stuff is not good I actually loved my dvo fork and rear shock but they are having problems and this is also the reason for.....
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 Again show any single info backing your claims. Otherwise your just slandering a company@Krzymndyd:
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 @freeridejerk888: if it was slander someone from dvo would say it’s bullshit.
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 @Krzymndyd: what are you considering a failure?
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 Still waiting for a single ounce of proof either show some evidence or shup the f*ck up@Krzymndyd:
  • 1 2
 @freeridejerk888: Take the info as you want but being a typewriter tough guy is doing nothing more then making you look like an ass. If you would like I can private message you a response in July when I can actually say something but by then it will be out. Have a good night! That’s all
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 @freeridejerk888: you ride an 05 Kona maybe time for an upgrade. Lol
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 Giant out, Schley in.
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 Sponsor me! I can't ride that great but I look good on a bike!
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 ya eat the food, ya lose the weight...Schley it.
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 I heard the DH fork wheezes like a fat guy laughing confirm/deny?

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