Video: Rider Reactions After Qualification - Leogang World Cup DH 2021

Jun 11, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

Here's what went down on the ground as the world's elite Downhill riders finished their first qualifications of 2021. Leogang is going to be one hell of an opener to the season!

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 Would love to see Troy get it done. He’s always in contention yet his last win was back in 2017... he’s looking very quick and calm this season, let’s see that top step!

Another guy who’s looking raring for the season is Daprela - I reckon we’ll see a breakout win from him this year.
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 He's riding well this season. I bet he put a lot of work into training this year, and it looks like it might pay off.
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 Troy is such a badass. Just quietly going about being at the pointy tip of the game year after year. It would be great to see him tick off a run of wins.
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 Insane doubles
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 @brownies this comment aged well!
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 The whole DH field: Gets destroyed by the mud and steeps, everyone's crashing, everyone's off line.

Troy Brosnan: "Yea its a pretty easy track to ride"
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 Sam Hill in Champéry vibes from that interview. Go Troy.
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 We're talking about qualies. What are we talking about? Qualies. Qualies man, we're talking about qualies. Not a race.
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 @mi-bike: you're right, race was yesterday.
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 @fracasnoxteam: Timed training means everything
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 @mi-bike: proved in the race
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 Vali Holl is a bit of legend in the making!
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 Agreed! Feel like we are witnessing the first year of a dynasty.
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 I miss Claudio. I like wisdom measured mtb coverage. The whole 'gram 'n 'tok "EVERYTHING IS EXCITING" coverage isn't my jam, but I guess that's what the kids want.
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 Why is he gone?
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 I agree. However, I found Claudio painful and lots of times what he was saying didn't make sense with what we were seeing on the screen. Hopefully, they bring in someone knowledgeable to replace him if he is gone.
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 Ben Cathro would do a good job I think.
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 he was hardly wisdom measured when he is shouting "2 wheeled drift" every five mins not to mention every time he mentioned a rider going fast or slow the clock would always say the opposite
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 Who is the new person? She’s not an ex racer is she?
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 those two go so well together
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 Do you have this as a podcast?
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 Photo report?
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 So that must be Charlie Harrison on the ground during Laurie's run. I hope he is ok for the next race.
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 Broken arm according to Dean Lucas’s Instagram (the red flag for Charlie is why Dean had to redo his run).
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 She is an incredible presenter!
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 never.....ever count the man out
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 And we wonder why there aren't more women in this sport...
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 @hardtailparty: she got you tail hard didn't she?
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 Omg how I have missed this! Send it ladies and gents!
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 Uhhhhh..huh huh huh huh………
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 Pure gold
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 Great coverage, let’s go Vali!!
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 Great covfefe PB.
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 You riders are all legends and should be paid more! I would gladly spend $20 to see the race!
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 go home you're drunk. these guys are buying mclaren's riding a bicycle
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