Video: Riders React to the New Lousa Track in Wyn TV

Oct 28, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesWyn walks the track in Lousa, Portugal to see who's ready to seal up the season with the final two World Cups of the year.

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 I am so grateful there are still been some downhill world cups this year. It has been something to look forward to considering the current climate. It really is a big deal that at least some of these race happened.
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 So true!
we all learn to be grateful for little things, don´t we!
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 Even my wife’s been enjoying it and she is not interested in mtb! She hasn’t had much choice really. Smile honestly though it’s brightened up my whole year.
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 @Bigwill13: That's cool! My special lady has come around this year too. She's not really into mtb either but likes seeing the elite women send it!
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 Just logged in first time for months to say: Yes, would definetely buy a "not bad, good size" shirt!
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 Tracey for Rampage!!!
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 Yeah, Tracy for Rampage or Formation.
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 W C D H I N P O R T U G A L! F C K Y E A H !
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 The Hannahs look a bit down, hope all is well, smash it this week.
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 Can someone share a link to Brook, Eddie and Charlie’s fundraiser in the comments here
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 @wynmasters: Hahahaha epic! Tracey for Rampage too! lol
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 @wynmasters: get the T-shirts printed !!!

Not bad / Good size
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 Get it Tracy!! Smile
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 Cheers Wyn!
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 never a last run.. always 2 more skip the last
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 portugal!!! yeahhhhh i wonrt need redbulltv this time!!
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 Tracy thank you sooo much for so many years of great racing. Watching you work so hard and so professionally all these years you can be super proud!! Cheers!!!
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 Awesome Wyn
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 Well, face masks when out of fashion quickly.
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 It depends on who's filming them. I watched the Fox videos and was like "I didn't know Gwin owned a mask?"
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 They're back in fashion today! lol
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 It looks like the anti mask Dh World Cup. #justputitona*sholes
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 Wyn Masters, nice job once again!
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 Tracey is going to ride rampage ?! :-) hope that wasn't ja joke, would be sick
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 Tracey should audition for female Captain America in retirement. Shoe-in.
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 The Nikes are well suited to this terrain. Great track walk
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