Video: Riding a Roller Coaster with Geoff Gulevich

Jul 16, 2020
by Geoff Gulevich  

Riding an actual roller coaster of a trail, called "Stick Rock", at Kicking Horse Resort, Behind Cole Pellerin. This trail is full of sketchy rock rolls and insane wood work. I can't believe how well it works. Super gnarly to drop in on, your first time.

Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!!!

Riding my Focus Bikes, SAM
Filmed on my GoPro Max.


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 I'm pretty sure this is one of the trails that my eyes say "this looks fun" while watching the video.

Yet if I show up to ride it, I just NOPE right out of it, and ride something less intimidating.

That said...

Looks fun!
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 This trail is terrifying irl.
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 @ajax-ripper: looks terrifying to me on video as well.
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 @Johanvdb: Dude the wall rides are incredibly easy to slide off of if you go either too fast or too slow. I have nightmares about this sometimes..
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 @ajax-ripper: Exactly ! People who rode this trail know how technical and intimidating actually it is. I still sweat about this one. Props to the mad builders of this one of a kind trail.
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 @ajax-ripper: Can confirm, I had some slight commitment/skill issues on the one at 1:30 and somehow ended up in a swan dive forward roll into the rhubarb on the downhill side
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 ...they may suck at cooking, but damn....canadians know how to build trails.....
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 Woah! hey we use salt and pepper, come on!
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 Matty Matheson begs to differ.
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 Come to Vancouver. The food scene is so good.
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 Idk, poutine is pretty damn good.
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 I mean, Italy is on another level, sure- but the Canucks DO have ketchup potato chips and Molson, so there
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 New day, new Gulevich edit

Oh and @alexmarengo how can Canucks suck at cooking when they invented the Ambrosia known to mortals as Poutine.
(Also Canadian bacon with maple syrup on a waffle pre rides don’t get better)
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 I put kielbasa and hot sauce in my velveeta mac & cheese, doesn't make me a chef.
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 Is there anyone else distracted by that weird looking top tube on his bike or just me? Big Grin
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 Just you
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 Now do it in the rain.
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 Its a shame they wont be doing any maintenance on this trail and it will be left to rot, sadly just a relic from a time when they knew how to build trails. RCR need to pay a proper trail maintenance and build crew instead of just paying influencer's to over hype the resort. All other trails are falling into disrepair and the new trails they are building just don't work well. Not the fault of patrol guys, too much is expected of them. Kicking horse is falling far behind all other nearby bike parks while still raising their prices. Poorly built and maintained trails please nobody and are more dangerous for beginners. Invest in your bike park RCR!
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 The only reason RCR has bike parks is because they were already there when they bought the resort. KH bike park gets no budget. It has to share machinery with Fernie and it's broken half the time. The pratrolers do double duty as trail crew and aren't very good at building unfortunately. RCR's risk management policy is so aggressive they're not allowed to build anything fun anyways. There was a big price increase this year and nothing gets invested in the park. I live in Golden and have rode KH for years. It's at a point where I'm ready to give up on it and buy an ebike instead.
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 @psyguy: I very reluctantly bought one this year as I like the vertical that you can get. There is so much potential there its just shame the business doesn't have the desire to grow that side of things. Always hope there is substance to the rumors that they will sell it on. I wouldn't be going down the e bike route though! Mount 7 shuttles are where its at.
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 I agree. The only good trails left up there are ones that were built before RCR took over. Year after year they decommission trails and replace them with something thats not as good. Magic Carpet is a decent flow trail that they added last year so I kinda had my hopes up that this new one they opened this year would be decent as well. But I was majorly disappointed again. I live in Golden , but I’m getting ready to give up on that place. Pano and now Revelstoke are pretty close and my seasons pass at Pano was less than half the price as the KH early bird local. Mount 7 is free.
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 That IS unreal. I can't believe how much woodwork...Unbelievable. Props to whoever put that together.
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 This trail is so sick, one of my favourites. Had a seasons pass there the year it opened. All of the jumps used to be gaps with nothing but clear cut forest at the bottom. Definitely added to the gnar factor.
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 Stick Rock has been on my bucket list since I learned about it two years ago. This year was supposed to be the year I finally made my way there. Damn Covid.
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 Man this is crazy. Must have taken ages to build.
You better use an oldschool handlebar at 680 mm in the lower part lol
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 Dangerous as hell, but no brake bumps
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 Way to go Kicking Horse! Kudos to keeping north shore wood features alive!
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 This trail doesn't even look real. Oh and Gully makes it look way to easy!
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 I can assure you it is very real, very splintery and very slippery.
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 I really dont like woodwork Big Grin
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 It’s not that hard. I rode it in the wet the first time a few years ago in the pouring rain. It was actually snowing up top.
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 That little manual near the end made me pucker HARD
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 I was waiting for a bear to pop out of the bushes. Rad looking trail.
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 All day, everyday
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 This trail is so sick!!!

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