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Video: Jason Lucas & Christina Chappetta's First Impressions of BC's Newest Bike Park

Aug 5, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is the latest lift-accessed trail network to add its name to the growing list of bike parks cropping up all over British Columbia. After two years of operation it boasts some of the most vertical you can get and is a great compliment to the other trail systems in the area. Christina & Jason made the trip to check out the trails this new bike park has on tap including 5620, their 15 kilometre flow trail.

Mount Mackenzie mountain biking trails

Presented by Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Additional drone footage by Tom Poole.

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 Showing these to Americans while the border is closed is cruel and unusual punishment.
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 Can't understand why Americans moan about this so much... you've got your own sick bike parks and trails.
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 @markcorrigan: BC is better!
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 @markcorrigan: Because I live on the East Coast, so your point is questionable (jk, jk I love riding 800 feet of elevation through tight, rock strewn minefields). But mostly, it's because the Pinkbike BC mafia has brainwashed us.
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 @markcorrigan: Do we though?

Trails yes. Bike parks no.

In a normal summer, I'd be within (long) weekend striking distance of Whistler, Fernie, Sun Peaks, Silverstar and Kicking Horse.

This summer, the only bike park worth going to that I can reach on a weekend is Silver.

There's lots of good trail riding in the PNW south of the border, but nothing like the variety and quality of bike parks that are above it.
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 @roma258: I dunno man, I've ridden almost every bike park in North America and Highland, Thunder, and Killington are still at the top of my list.
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 @atourgates: you must be moscows only mountain biker
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 @deonvg: While I can't say I've ridden a massive amount of bike parks, but having ridden some of the bike parks out west, such as trestle, I can say that thunder and highland are really really good.
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 @markcorrigan: not really.
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 @deonvg: I really need to make it out to Highland, thanks for the recs.
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 @deonvg: Agreed. we have it pretty good on the east coast. Creek, thunder and killy are my top three.
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 @markcorrigan: Living right next door in Washington, yeah, I’m moaning about not going to BC. BC is rad, Canada is rad, options are rad, practically being able to throw a rock and hit those big mountains but not being able to go there is definitely not rad. Also inferior pierogis, poutine, and all-dressed chips. Fkng Covid ruined mah life!!!
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 @roma258: You need to catch Highland on a good day. I was there recently and the trails are in relatively poor shape. Lots of brake bumps due to the amount of traffic they get and since this summer has been dry the trails are loose compared to what it's normally like.

At Killington the crowds are more spread out; two chairlifts and the gondola. Lots of variety there, the blue and black flow/tech trails are amazing. You get some long runs too. I tend to prefer Killington over Highland but that's just my opinion
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 @makripper: There are literally dozens of us!
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 @atourgates: lol that's awesome man! I was only there twice for the Lionel Hampton jazz festival. Where theres a will theres a way? Cheers!
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 that’s what you get for voting for the idiot. actions have consequences!
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 The Northland group is not worth supporting. It might be the worst company I've ever seen operate. I worked for them in another city but the site manager that started construction in Revelstoke is the same that I worked for. Unsafe worker conditions and construction practices. They hired subcontractors from other areas and then tried to renegotiate prices once they had put in a day or two of work and would not fulfil their end of the agreements. They only paid suppliers once all other supply chains had also cut them off. Throw in the owner, Tom Gilardi, getting fined for Salmon Habitat destruction in Kamloops and ordering the evidence destroyed and I suggest you pick another destination bike park.
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 I feel it should be mentioned that Pipe Wrench is a locally built trail that RMR took over. The original builder(s) deserve the credit for it, though RMR made it a little easier with that great berm at the bottom of the final chute.
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 the trail crew did a lot more than "make it easier", there was a ton of woodwork put in, doubled the length of the trail, fixes all throughout. Hundreds of man-hours went into reviving it. Were you one of the original builders? I would assume anyone building on a resort would expect the resort to eventually utilize it.
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Some trails were there before the resort....
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 Dear BC,
I’ve been tucked away in my in my house since March. Can you let me in?

Yours truly,
Stupid American.
  • 41 13
 Use your vote to make a difference, out with the orange.
#should have listened to Fauci.
Y'all leading the third world countries in failure
  • 7 20
flag thustlewhumber (Aug 5, 2020 at 13:09) (Below Threshold)
 @Yaan: More peaceful rioting is the answer I suppose?
  • 12 17
flag Camstyn (Aug 5, 2020 at 13:11) (Below Threshold)

Keep that shit to yourself
  • 7 2
 @Yaan: thanks for keeping classy.
  • 9 2
 @Yaan: not sure why the downvotes... probably the 40% who still think Trump is king
  • 1 0
 @jaydawg69: Alternately, the 53.91% of voters who chose someone else, but got stuck with Trump because of our shitty electoral college.
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 @atourgates: Same deal here with Trudeau but complaining about it doesn’t make it any better.
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 @Camstyn: Exactly. And if ya don't get off your ass to vote then don't be complaining about it.
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 I'm with @jasonlucas on this one - fifty-six-twenty is a sic ride... had a chance to ride RMR last summer (though they hadn't opened the other trails ridden in the video yet). The stats on 5620 are only the tip of the iceberg - 5620ft of vertical decent (1713M), laying down15KM of sweet trail... with berms, jumps, and so many features that by the time you get to the bottom about all you may have energy for is the Pipe Coaster (which is also a blast) especially after the pedal up Stoked Climb! These two trail alone will put you over 20KM. I clearly have to go back and hit other trails.
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 Psyched you included Pipe Wrench. Such a good trail. Riding those chutes blind is such a rush!!
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 So fun, props to the builders. A really nice contrast to the machine-built flow.
  • 4 0
 @jasonlucas: 100%. 5620 feet of berms can get a little...much
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 Was lucky enough to live in Revelstoke for a bit. Worked at the mountain during the winter and rode in the summer either side of my North American trip. Revy's high alpine trails are unreal Frisby Ridge, Keystone Basin for instance. Would have been cool to have the bike park open then for non climbing days. You betcha Revy!!
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 Suuuuuuuper fun tracks and the best berms ever! THIS is why I ride bike parks! I can find tech trails anywhere, but hitting some fast berms and fun jumps will keep me coming back. They hope to expand on their flow trails and offer more tech terrain in the future because after all, Revelstoke is STEEP and it's begging for some double black single track. Hope y'all enjoyed!
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 ???? Could someone PLEEEAAASSSSEEEE create a Covid vaccine already to open the border....... before winter ???? preferably!
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 This video is best enjoyed with the sound turned off.
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 Okay I'm sold! Putting this one on the road trip list for sure. Glad they have tech, the flow was starting to scare me off, although you made that look fun too!
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 Awesome edit, I like the way it flows (trails too^^)
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 Is COVID a thing in Canada? here in Mexico we are not able to go MTB in groups like in all in this videos are, you don't have any posibility of getting sick?
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 Mad cool
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 Great video !!! What a Dope place to ride Smile
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 Christina slaying it!!!
  • 1 0
 Nice and sunny daaan saaaaf. Next few days temperatures read 29, 32, 30 degrees Celsius.
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 This was supposed to be a reply! FFS!
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 Glad to see more @jasonlucas on screen!
  • 2 1
 Looks down before descent... "Boom!" shock-unlock-a...
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