Video: Riding Fresh Trails, Hitting Big Jumps & New Bike Day with Rachel Atherton

May 30, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

Rachel Atherton gets some practice hitting bigger jumps after her injury and checks out the build progress on the new pumptrack for Dyfi Bike Park.

bigquotesWe sample the most fun berms ever created in Dyfi bike park soo good! I have quite an embarrassing crash and I put on new tyres again as I push my riding each week getting harder and faster. Olly nearly lands on me telling me to do the big finish jump. I sing the French National Anthem and Dan's favourite tree. It's all happening in this episode! Rachel Atherton

bigquotesI get my brand new 3D printed Titanium / Carbon trail bike from Atherton Bikes and attempt to build it up myself. I take you through the 3D Printing process and how we at Atherton Bikes have started to sell the first bikes to the public! It's sooo exciting & crazy to have our own bikes out in the big wide world....! Also... a tie-dye onesie!!! Rachel Atherton


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 This video was so comforting to me because apparently swapping tubeless mtb tires is a confusing wrestling match even for the pros.
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 I'm a butyl luddite. As much as I see the advantages of tubeless and would love to run them they seem like a complete ballache. So many different issues.
I know where I'm at with tubes and changing and fixing is a doddle.

Imagine a future where there was a bombproof , Kevlar strong, super light inner tube, using graphene tech or whatever means we wouldn't have to piss about with tape and liquid and burping and seating and valves...wonder if that is on the cards?
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 @Shredtheduck: dude. tubeless is pretty far removed from rocket surgery and/or brain science. Try it sometime, it's not difficult. Hell, I can even do it and I'm a dumbass.
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 @Shredtheduck: Pinching tubes is way more frustrating than any tubeless setup??
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 @pdxkid: It may be pretty far from rocket surgery, but I am pretty far from a rocket surgeon too. Me and tubeless keeps ending in massive explosions, although every time I'm pulling a thorn out of a tyre it gets tempting again... where are those ear defenders...
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 Ya when you get the hang of it, you'll never go back.
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 @pdxkid: seriously. Now, at least for me, it’s gotten to:
Get tire on the rim
Pump up with floor pump (high volume ones help) to seat bead
Remove valve core (and air)
Squirt sealant in through the valve
Reinstall valve core
Re-inflate tire

Go ride.
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It’s nice when it works like that, but sadly it doesn’t always... Some tire - rim combinations just don’t want to be tubeless (leaking at rim bed). Also, I had issues with sidewalls sweating the sealant out, rim tape letting go, valve not closing airtight, etc.
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 @cvoc: In my experience, 9/10 times tubeless fails is because the rim tape got a hole in it from the tire iron.
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 @Shredtheduck: Stan's NoTubes system
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 @BamaBiscuits: I normally have to remove the valve core before inflating, but other than that, I'm with you. And for stubborn tyres, a quick squirt of soapy water will do it every time.
Now, tyre inserts on the other hand...
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 @lehott: sealant and stems sure, but I used their tape for the first time over the weekend after perviously using gorilla tape. It was terrible. The tape is alarmingly stiff and plasticy, the glue barely sticks, yes I wiped the rim clean with isopropyl before, and I could not get it to lay flat and smooth for the life of me. Put a good 4" gash in the tape using a plastic tire lever to get my tire on. Fixed all that up, tried both front and rear rims with faith in the 'system'. Leaked through every spoke hole. Pulled the tape and tons of sealant had seaped past.

Retaped with one loop of gorilla, aired up and held no problems.
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 @camcoz69: muscle that shit off with proper hands-only technique: pinch bead to center of rim symmetrically from valve to opposite side of rim, pull up on loose side of tire opposite valve and roll off rim. Tire irons suck, both ripping tubeless tape and tubes.
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 @Shredtheduck: So putting a tube and a tire on a rim is easier to you than just putting a tire on a rim?
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 Bike looks class!
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 They've come a long way for sure. Hope they're able to build up the business for the long term and have a good retirement.
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 If you trying to go tubeless on a budget it can be more finickety, but do able. But if you got tubeless rims and tyres its usually no drama at all, dt & maxxis work for me. I bought a compressor to get the tyres to seat. In the UK you can buy a small compressor for less than a dedicated shock pump. Top tip run a little soapy water around the outside of the bead, then once tyre is on spin it a few times, I leave at high pressure (40psi) over night , then set to the pressure I want the next day. Tubeless is great but then I don't ride hard enough to need mooses.
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 Rach in a crazy jumpsuit, building up the sick looking, tech-dripping, new trail bike is all kinds of awesome. Happy Days. Start saving for one?
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 Im really curious about the financials of some of the pro athletes. Owning your own bike brand and owning your own bike park is not cheap, and I wonder how much of that money is sponsorships versus other sources.
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 Amazing work guys , can’t wait to come and ride the new stuff soon
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 She obviously doesn’t like her boyfriend that much... he’s riding a GT
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 Tubes were the bane of my existence. Can occasionally be a pita but I am a convert to tubeless ever since I did my first ghetto tubeless 12 years ago.
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 Stoked for you!
Btw, hope you guys will build a 4” slope! and a DJ frame!
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 Love to make it out to Dyfi bike park one day for sure.
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