Video: Riding Polygon's New Mt Bromo N8 eMTB in Indonesia

Apr 24, 2021
by Reza Akhmad  
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After Polygon Bikes launch their first eMTB full suspension bikes "Mt Bromo N". Spartan Racing Team get their own Mt. Bromo N8 bikes, then their two representative riders got a chance too test the bikes (for uphill and downhill). With major change in suspension setting using Ohlins from Ohlins Indonesia to maximizing the fun aspect of riding.

Polygon Mt Bromo N8 equipped with Ohlins suspension

Shimano EP8 and Ohlins

Tyo Cahyadi and Ditra in action

Ditra Pranata and Tyo Cahyadi

Best friend and rival


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 It's cool to see riders and trails in one of the big manufacturing countries in Asia, instead of the view we often get of just business people at Interbike or no faces at all. I would guess there have been more stories home-paged on PB of N. American or western European hippies on a MTB vision quest in Asia than there have been of people who live and work and ride in those countries. Getting this fuller picture is a nice addition
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 Why is he pushing an E-bike up the hill? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
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 This shot was included to give potential buyers an idea of the battery life (2 minutes, 8 seconds).
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 Looks like a steep unridable section. The way the bike wheelied out gives you an idea of how powerful the hiker mode feature is on this bike. Most non e bikers don't understand the benifit of the hiker mode. You can basically use the motor to allow the bike to pull you up steep terrain on a fraction of the time it would take to hike a bike up on an old timey non e bike. Just another thing that highlights the technological superiority of e bikes over non e bikes, which according to most trends might be facing extinction.
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 Demonstrating the walk mode because even some things are too steep for an ebike.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: do they make superior double crown ebikes?
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: walk mode ain't that powerful. a lot times it cuts out and pushes you backwards. still a great feature to have for a 55lb bike on the steeps.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Flying a helicopter on Mars is "technological superiority". Putting a battery + motor on a bike is not.
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 So, the question is; do people buy this, or the Marin Alpine trail e2
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 Marin has a bigger battery.
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 Marin if you ordered within 36hrs of release otherwise you’ll wait until 2022 or take the polygon... which is probably already sold out lol?
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 Bagus! Doesn't autocorrect know bahasa?
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 What, no real hate? I made WAY too much popcorn.
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 those guys are definitley enjoying themselves...
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 That dude laughed right in his face and nobody knows why. Hardcore.
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 Awesome video. Indo bikes, riders and trails- mixed and having fun.
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