Video: Riding the Most Eye-Catching Streets in 6 Countries

Jul 20, 2019
by The Rise  

The Rise presents a video giving a new look on the streets, signed Jeremy Menduni. Filmed in 6 countries featuring unique eye-catching spots and beautiful scenery, he approaches the city his own way and does it remarkably well. JJ is known for his technical riding mixing balance and precision in an effortless manner and confirms it once again in his latest project.

"About 2 years ago I started filming for a video that I will be stoked to look back on when I’m older. After many long hours at work, I was lucky to travel to some pretty amazing places with some even more amazing people! To film for this video, I traveled to France, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, USA and Canada. I am very happy with how it turned out and I’m really excited to share the final product with everyone!

Huge thanks to my sponsors for making sure my bike is always dialed, to everyone who’s helped with filming, to everyone who let me crash on their couch, and to all the homies I met abroad! You guys are the best!" - Jeremy Menduni

Jeremi Menduni - 2019 video


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 Buy this man an Iced Capp next time you see him. Nice work JJ!!!
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 Better start stacking some more clips for the next edit !!
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 Montreal urban assault in the mix!
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 Need more time to jib around London And mates
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 What kind of pedals is he riding? SKKKrrrrrrrrCCHHTTT
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 Brooklyn banks! Homeland security will take you away for riding there. Smile
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 Barcelona is Catalonia not spain
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 Just ask Pep
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 So ...BMX

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