Video: Risk VS Reward - On Track with Greg Callaghan

Oct 3, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesIn the penultimate round of the Enduro World Series, the tour heads to Northstar, California - a new venue with new challenges for athletes to overcome.

As riders gear up for high-altitude riding and surfing the loose dust of Northstar, the discussion moves towards the nature of worth. Is it their talent on the bike, their attitude towards riding, or their social media following? When it comes to being a professional enduro mountain biker, the risk and demands are high on the mind and body, but how do you value your worth to brands and a broader audience?

In this episode of On Track, Greg Callaghan is joined by the likes of Richie Rude, Martin Maes, Miranda Miller, Sam Hill and Isabeau Courdurier on the steep mountainside of Northstar, California for round 7 of the Enduro World Series.
Red Bull


  • 12 0
 The fact Greg has a messed up eye instantly makes his racing career and results much more impressive!
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 I have a similar problem. Damaged right optical nerve from a biking accident which gives me little to no peripheral vision on my right. But I have not racing carrier, WTF!
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 An athlete's worth is their marketability. How much they are watched, number of followers, how many they can influence, being in the spotlight, etc are all factors. I'm sure a lot of mountain bike YouTubers make a lot more money than pro riders.
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 I’d imagine Fabio is the highest paid mountain biker right now, for good reason
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 Quite a good video and series. Suprised not more look at it. Social media - unfortunately, it is where it's at, that and results.
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 Sam’s wisdom and foresight sees him win the title. What an incredible athlete!
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 Have always liked this series.
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 How about we get Eddie Masters and Matt Walker their in TV series? Must see TV....
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 How many races has Semenuk won?
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 Dude, it's only the racers who need to win races....

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