Video: Road Cycling Superstar Peter Sagan Rides MTB in Vallnord

Aug 18, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

Road cycling legend Peter Sagan has posted the following clip of himself riding the Vallnord bike park in Andorra. Sagan is riding in the white t-shirt and is being followed and filmed by Intense ambassador Luca Leonardi. The Slovakian rider is considered to be one of the best bike handlers in the road cycling peloton and has won three World Championships and a record seven green Jerseys in the Tour de France.

Sagan actually started his career in mountain biking and won the Junior Cross Country World Championships in 2008 then he returned to the sport for the 2016 Rio Olympics but it wasn't quite as successful as he finished 37th after suffering a front wheel puncture at the start of the second lap. While we think it's probably a bit too late for Sagan to re-launch his off-road career to compete with van der Poel or Pidcock, it's cool to see him riding bike parks for fun.

bigquotesA different way to train on my bike that I enjoy a lot! Thanks to Luca Leonardi for following me and filming me.Peter Sagan

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  • 13 1 no, not too late to dabble in some XC racing, especially after seeing MVP's performance at the Olympics.

That said, do professional road riders need permission/consent from the team/sponsors to take on riskier* activities that may increase injury risk (not that Sagan was hitting anything crazy)?

*note: I think road riding is more dangerous than MTB'ing from a life death point of view. Put your phone down people.
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 Yeah, pros in any sport will have lines in their contracts that prevent them from taking on dangerous activities. These things can be negotiated and some sports that can be used as training for the main sport (maybe like motocross for DH racers) can be allowed but these athletes are investments for these companies and they want to protect that.
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 @mwglow: The SF Giants wouldn't let their start pitcher SURF in the off-season during his big contract.
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 He's moving to a new team next season and I remember reading part of the deal is he'll be allowed to do some mtn bike races. That is also one of the reasons MVDP rides for a relatively small team compared to who he could probably sign with in the road world - he's allowed to race anything he wants.
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 @knuckleheadmtb: wouldnt be a good idea to surf the sf area in general with the strong tides and big whites lurking...
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 @IanJF: Alpecin Fenix are a World Tour team so hardly small.
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 @egb81: they're actually a pro conti team so a step below the world tour. VDP holds enough sway though it seems to get things put in his contract.
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 @funkzander: It's totally fine, but if you don't live here you wouldn't know. Wink
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 I see that he has also mastered the XC Schurter-Whip
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 Sagan is awesome, period. To be a top level bike rider in any sub-discipline, the handling skills and instincts have to be present. Of course, WCDH places a higher premium on 'handling while at speed and difficult obstacles' but road riders have to be solid handlers too. There will be duds in any peloton but the top guys - and ladies - who can maneuver a skinny tired, twitchy and lightweight road machine well enough to gain time on rivals on the downhills.
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 Agree on Sagan... but um, then there's Micheal Woods.
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 @Eatsdirt: ouch, but fair
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 i think he was on Cannondales mountain bike XC team before he switched to road. Theres quite a few roadies who started off in XC. I do both and tell roadie mates that hill climbs on a road bike are a piece of piss compared to MTB climbs. They don't like it when i say that.
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 Gotta be his son if he's riding in the white jersey
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 Sagan is one of those freaks ( LIke Kai Lenny is to board/ ocean sports) he'll be good on any bike.

Looking forward to seeing a few overconfident roadies donating some DNA to my local trails after they see this and are stoked to shred some dirt on their gravel bikes Smile
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 After 100 kph descents on twitchy, skinny tired , drop bar road bikes, mtb descents are like piloting a La Z Boy!
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 Very rarely see him go down in a crash which is always a sign of good handling and bunch positioning. Also mad bunny hop skills in a full peloton at race speed do help
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 No mention that he was riding with the goat Minnaar?!
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 I didn’t know it was possible to ride that well with a CamelBak on.
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 I’m curious what he’s riding, but couldn’t tell watching on my phone. Anyone able to see? Stumpy Evo? Enduro?
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This pic is from a earlier in the month. Looks like a Stumpjumper (maybe EVO?). And it looks like a white bike in the video so probably the same.
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 @mwglow: Thanks, I’m sure that’s the same bike. Looks like an Evo, as it’s got a Horst link.
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 From Rainbow and Green Jerseys to Black Diamonds! Sagan is cyclings Renaissance Man!
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 Yeah! He's proper flying!
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 That is one creaky bike Batman!

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