Video: Rob Warner and Olly Wilkins Ride the World's Deepest Gorge in Nepal

Dec 4, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
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Surrounded by the world’s highest peaks, Rob and Olly Wilkins head to Nepal to ride the deepest gorge in the world. Travelling from Kathmandu which sits at the foothills of the Himalayas, the duo will head up to an ancient kingdom called Mustang Valley. Immersing themselves in Buddhist culture, they will meet the ‘Guru’ from the Buddhist Monastery in Jomsom before leading the classroom and explaining all about Mountain Biking.


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 Ive been lucky enough to ride in the Mustang with Mandil and RJ (as a bonefide customer) and still consider them friends. Looks like the boys were there before proper "riding season" if you can call it that, seemed to be quite a lot more snow still around.

It is a mind-blowing experience and riding to die for (almost literally as can be seen ha) from the big, long days out traversing the valley through villages and settlements to the shuttled/ hiked high alpine stuff all set against THAT back drop, the highest peaks in the world.

So much love for that area and, as we know, bikes are the best way to see it. YEW! If you can, do it...and do it with Mandil.
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 Totally agree with you. Mandil and RJ are fantastic guides. Not just a fantastic riding experience but a fantastic cultural one as well.
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 gunga galunga
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 Big hitter- the Lama.
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 a) Moar! proper fun to watch!
b) how on earth has Olly managed not to bite his tongue off by now? Smile
c) Nepal is simply amazing. Truly agree it's the only place that has ever made me feel somewhat "spiritual".
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 Warner getting mugged by monkeys is priceless.
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 Is the video not working for anyone else or just me?
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flag RudeDH (Dec 4, 2019 at 21:24) (Below Threshold)
 the whole series is not working for me... Rich MTBers spending fortunes to ride their expensive bikes in dirt poor countries make no fucking sense..
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 @RudeDH: May I humbly suggest that you sell your phone/computer/bike and give your money to the poor?
In the meantime, I'm glad these guys are out there, experiencing other parts of the world and giving us a glimpse of it when they get back.
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 @RudeDH: the virtue signaling is strong with this one....
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 Some quality warner-bites as always!

"strap in and say your prayers"

I also like the 'here's a high bridge...better wheelie across it' approach

Please Rob, never change.
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 I kinda wish I didn't go to and watch all of them in a row while wrenching on the bike when the first video was released.
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 Awesome!!! Met Olly before here in the Philippines and was cool to have seen him ride up close and personal, good times!
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 Went to Nepal 2 months ago and love it so much!
Thank you Rob & Olly for remember me that awesome place...
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 A 25min Video with less than 5min of riding
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 9:55 that was a pretty good spill!
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 Hey, as a percentage Nepal is more Hindu that Buddhist. 81.3 %, that's higher than the percentage of Christians in the US. So why not hang out at a Hindu temple for a bit? Hindus are just as cool and welcoming. The main thing is that they are all Nepali, some of the chillest people in the world. The far north is more Buddhist, but a lot of the religion you are seeing is there for the tourists.
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 Pretty much all the people up the mountains are buddhist.
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 Rob on really the best bike ever made.

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