Video: Rob Warner Answers Questions About his Past Adventures, World Cup Predictions & More

Feb 15, 2021
by Trail Creatives  

Words: Trail Creatives

After Brexit put his bike build on hold we had some time to kill. So rather than just playing video games and making pizza, we decided to get on Instagram and find out what you guys wanted to know.

After an incredible response, we picked a few questions to fire at Rob. There are questions from a few names you might recognise, there's some world cup predictions and some questions that were just plain weird! Either way, it was a good laugh and we hope you enjoy it too.


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 without a doubt, with zero hyperbole, I have never wanted to hang out in a dingy garage, tweak on bikes and drink beer with someone so god damned hard. what an absolute bloke!
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 I know we were rowing in that other thread but you’re bang on in this one
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 Rob's a top dogg
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 I live an hour from snow here in Italy, there is still Palmer's mural painted on a wall under the chairlift from 1996. With the addition of some jumps made in an updated way, the track would be ready to host a world cup tomorrow! it's really a shame to hear from someone like Warner that it's still his favorite track today ..
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 He is blowing his own trumpet..... but he ain't far off, even though Redbull has slightly clipped his wings verbally, the man is an absolute legend as a commentator....
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 If anybody fancies some more Warner (you probably do) then he was a guest on the Lockdown Companion podcast with Odub & I. As always, he was brilliant and we had a ruddy good laugh!
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 It’s a great show man! Really enjoyed the Sven one today while editing the next YouTube vid Smile
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 That was great! Rob is a legend!
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 There's nothing in it!
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 If Peaty is releasing an autobiography shortly surely this means Rod Warmer will be too?? And I can’t f*cking wait, in fact scrap that...there should be one written as a colab!
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 Biggest achievement: Danny Hart commentary in Champery 2011 for Freecaster
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 If you have anything bad to say about Warner....GTFO and take your f**kin' p*ssy purse with you. Love this guy!!!!
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 Everyone knows you face away from the shower taps. Next you'll be telling me its cream then jam and scones. Rob, we need to talk!!
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 Ha ha that was funny, and I expected it to be. Rob, you're a funny cnut no two ways about it.
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 *I live an hour from Nevegal here in Italy..
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 Brexit: I bet a bike part got stock at the customs with the EU!
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 Damn right Frown
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 Buck Frexit.
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 The notorious R.O.B... Give us a verse! #giftofgab
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 will guy ritchi pick him up for a movie please rob youre the king
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 He just looks like Young Chuck Norris Of The MTB.
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 Never judge a man by the state of their toolbox

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