Video: Rob Warner Continues the Rebuild of his World Cup Winning 1996 Giant ATX990

Mar 29, 2021
by Trail Creatives  

bigquotesAfter an overwhelming response from you guys, we start piecing the puzzle together to bring this piece of history back to its former glory.

We headed to Mountain Mania to meet Jamie Lynn a man who knows a thing or two about retro bikes, where we can find parts and more importantly, how much money this thing is going to make!

Watch as we discover his massive secret retro emporium and delve through some of the rarest, weirdest and most famous bikes from back in the day to try and find the missing parts of the ATX 990.




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 Rob rides his non-electric bike 10 minutes: everyone hates the video.
Rob talks shit for almost a half hour: universal praise!

Top quality banter to be fair
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 I'm mean, he is actually a professional shit talker in the literal sense.
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 Pretty sure I build the best Rob Warner replica wonder if he wants to buy it for 3k ?
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 Rob Warner loves to talk about Rob Warner.
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 The karl pilkington of MTB, love it.
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 I'm looking forward to the episode where he gets Warwick Davis on the phone.
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 Like OR subscribe has me laughing every time.
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 "£5000 yea"

"nah, £800 mate "
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 Like all the rest of us Pepsi generation 40 somethings, I kinda miss the 90's, but in no way would I trade my current ride for a "retro" mtb.
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 Ditto and ditto...although I do still have a few Balfas from back then that ride pretty freakin good. Granted you can get past the front derailleur and 26” wheels questions at the trail head.
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 £1500 for my bike it was the first british downhill bike lol it beat peaty hold on what if i get peaty to sign it how much then lol gotta love rob warner lol
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 Surely Rob's racing the ATX against Peatty at Fort William next week then?
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 Great stuff! With all due respect: 50 bikes is impressive, but not massive. This is: . More than 700 bikes on display! @Rob: contact them for the stuff you're still missing. :-D
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 MTB Museum will come to the Vintage MTB Festival, we should do a vote on which bike Jeroen should take!
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 Amazing video- I really wanted to see more of Jamie's collection. Some crazy bikes and bit from another age.
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 i was dying when he rolled out on the hoverboard
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 At last, a rider (almost) as old as me, who’s been riding even longer than me, who knows that old mountain bikes are sh1t! Another cracking instalment Rob. Keep it up!
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 But how will he ride it if it's not an e-bike? Why build it... ah, nostalgia-collector-display piece. My bad, carry on. Razz
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 The older I get, the faster I was?
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 Mountain Bikings’ very own Keith Lemon !
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 Dude in this video with the collection of old bikes and parts is my kinda hoarder.
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 Amazing video.
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 Moar ATX
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