Video: Rob Warner Takes Danny Hart on his First eMTB Ride & Trains with Adam Brayton & Elliott Heap

Mar 1, 2021
by Trail Creatives  

Rob Warner headed up north to meet up with some of the UK's biggest names in Mountain Biking. Kicking off with a gym session with EWS Pro Elliott Heap, DH legend Adam Brayton and 2-time DH world Champ Danny Hart got down to business. After teaching the boys a lesson in the gym, Rob headed out into the wet and wild hills of the lakes for Danny's first-ever E-Bike ride.

They couldn't have asked for wetter weather but it was some of the best riding Rob had done in a long time nonetheless.

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 Self appointed internet Covid police, and the anti-ebike crowd are gonna have a field day in these comments.
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 LOL.. Rob and the lads are great!! Whatever they are doing is still safer than a few large states in my country. Florida it looks like masks are against the law. Between Sam, Brendog, Rob, Josh and Peaty, you lads got my vote for the best mountain bike media ever made, sans some of the early north shore xtreme boys. Cheers!!
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 I’m sure everyone in this video was tested beforehand in the same way tv production continues. And I’m sure travelling to film in the north is essential. Crack on I say.
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 @Richt2000: Technically riding is their job, so they can travel to ride.
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 Hart with a battery = pacemaker?
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 Iron Man?
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 its a cube aswell
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 Iron Balls.
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 Only here to see all the holier than thou thalt shalt not ride as a professional in covid times comments.
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 right! where is that moron @mtb_scotland!? he should be here any minute to wag his haggis encrusted finger!
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 @conoat: I’m so sorry I feckin down voted you by accident! This is funny as shiz Wink
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 @conoat: LMFAO !!
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flag Bobisntmyuncle (Mar 2, 2021 at 3:43) (Below Threshold)
 @conoat: HAHAHA.... probably gone to try and create another referendum with nicola sturgeon
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 Hey Rob
Make it c$unt
Great camera work ????????
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 glad im not the only one who saw this. reminds me of the UNTc t shirts from MBUK back in the day
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 If you need an e-bike to ride the Borrowdale bash, you must be about 50. Oh, right...
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 I've seen e-bikes up black sail pass and Borrowdale, it's going to be a common sight so get used to it. I'd actually say I prefer to see them out in the wild rather than in a trail centre.
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 Q. How old must you be if you don't need an eMTB to ride it but do ride it on an eMTB because it's fun?

A. Old enough to know you're not out to try to prove anything to anyone, it's just a hobby!

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 The lake District is a place where I can really see the point of eMTBs. Loads of potentially mint routes which you normally wouldn't consider due to remoteness or needing elite athlete levels of fitness to undertake.
Still not sold on them for local trails/bike parks which is where I see the majority of them.
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 @notsofastoverfifty: Yeah, I think a lot of these anti E-Biker brigade are missing the point. You ride them because they are fun. There is nothing to prove riding bikes, but some people seem to think they are in a competition with everyone all the time. If you are really that good, you should be sponsored. I know loads of people who are super fit who ride them, it has nothing to do with age.
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 @johnnyboy11000: nah, as a lakes local I disagree. There’s a lot of hike a bike and shouldering and I wouldn’t want to carry one. And what o you do when the battery runs out on a mega long ride. You don’t have to have elite fitness to consider any route here, unless you’re massively fat and unfit. I’d say the best place for them are places DH spots so you can ride up forest roads instead of getting an uplift.
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 @Small-Tales-Epic-Trails: yeah I agree with you about carrying it like. I didn't say you needed elite fitness to ride anywhere in the lakes though.
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 @Small-Tales-Epic-Trails: Almost died carrying mine over Nan Bield. Rest of the ride made up for it. Some big soggy slogs up the dales, so much more palatable with the motor. Just need to get to know the best routes. I agree, exploring more fun than trail centres. The climbs are almost as good as the downs - and I'd never say that on my analogue.
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 @johnnyboy11000: Do you see the majority of them there because that’s where you spent most of your time perhaps? I mainly ride natural trails and funnily enough that’s where I see most ebikes.
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 Pro athletes ride bikes and go to the gym because its their job.

If we started filming people in construction building houses and post it on youtube are we gonna moan at them for being "together" and travelling to construction sites?


Common sense people.... common sense...
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 Stay on the dock Danny!
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 Them boyz more likely to catch pneumonia than covid!
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 What the hell is a hot egg?
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 An egg that is hot.
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 @Bigwill13: Chicken, fish, ostrich, human? Boiled, fried, steamed, dropped in lava? Never seen such a large round egg before. Dinosaur?
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 @rabbitsmokinintheferns: definitely a dog egg
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 @Bigwill13: Great Dane!. I watched his latest this morning and he mentioned it again. Looks like a neat device that I've never heard of and can't find out anything about. Must not be part of my space time continuum.
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 Dudes........E bikes are the future!Just go buy one ffs????You can keep your analogue bike to wash every now and then like me!
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 Love it! Keep it comin rob!
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 this is exactly why you should always approach eccentric strangers you see in the woods -- his name might be rob.
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 The gym really is Warners right elemnt. Like a fish in a desert...? Erm, water?
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 Danny Hart win in Champéry 2011, by Rob Warner, best comments ever
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 Is it ever not raining over there?
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 I rode those same trails yesterday in glorious sunshine, so yeah... sometimes
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 How about that grid casing... Bring a tube.
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 Ace lads :-)
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 Keswick + Redcar = speed
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