Video: Rob Warner Takes Olly Wilkins for a Scenic Shred & Shares Some Historical Facts

Mar 14, 2021
by Trail Creatives  

bigquotesOlly and I have been chatting about going out riding for a while now, and since he's broken his ankle, we decided that this trip would be more of an old school mountain bike epic than your typical shred around the local.

With jumps and berms out of the question, we opted for something altogether different by heading south to the the Isle of Purbeck, in Dorset. We were rewarded with some big views, a big castle and a chippy. As a man who knows a thing or two about history, it only seemed right that I taught Olly a thing or two along the way.

As usual, only I came prepared for the trailside mishaps, however this time it may not have exactly gone to plan...



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 WTF is Rob doing wasting his time with DH commentary when he could be working full time for the History channel? Absolutely no confusion around English civil wars there.
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 Yes. Civil war and war of the roses, almost the same thing apart from a couple of hundred years and completely different protagonists in a completely different part of the country etc.
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 Love this guy
Does anyone else find rob so damn funny even when he isn't trying?
Love your work rob
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 love rob trying to flex his youtube for free food
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 this is pure gold thanks gents
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 Poole chain ferry! Used to get blazed in the car park there on a regular basis and stare out to sea. Good times!
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 Rob, Brendan, Pilgrim, Olly, Peaty....the brits are hilarious all the time, I enjoy all their channels....well, Peaty doesnt have one really...but he's good. Watch the one with Rob, Peaty, Nigel and Will Longden at Wales, hilarious.
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 Hysterical! Each episode gets better and better as we get more and more of the real RW that his buds have always known.

It’s like if Ozzy was a former MTB World Champ!

This is the quality, must-watch YouTube content we’ve been waiting for. Please don’t stop when you have to go off announcing and what-not again
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 Jolly good banter.
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 good crack at the lingo there mate
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 Lived there most of my life. Can only stomach about 2 rides there a year. Apart from the scenery, it's shit. They must have been board senseless.
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 Haha totally!
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 Yeah. Nice for a summers day (md week to avoid crowds) xc ride preferably on the simplest bike you have but not a regular play time.
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 Robs channel is quickly becoming a must watch, such an entertaining bloke.
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 Thank fuck for Rob Warner. Quality
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 Thankfully they don't do one of these every day because now that it's a must watch I would estimate losing 5 days a year. Probably worth it in the end. Thanks Rob.
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 Camped here for 3 weeks this year, some good old school XC. The drop down from the ridge to Corfe Castle is a lot of fun though.
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 That was hilarious - very entertaining.
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 Rob's got that pure chaotic geezer energy that I didn't know I needed in my life. Love the channel.
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 Surprised someone didn't throw a shoe at them singing Happy Birthday lol. Sounded like a bunch of Howler monkeys!
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 R Dubz is quite possibly the greatest human on the planet...
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