Video: Robin & Elin Wallner Ride the New Ibis Mojo 4 in 'All in the Family'

Jun 12, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesThe word Mojo refers to a magic spell or charm, and - more broadly - a magical power. Since its introduction in 1994, the Mojo has delivered a wicked combination of fun and all-mountain prowess.

When Ibis was reborn in 2005, we conjured the first Mojo Carbon. The magic of the original trail bike returns with the Mojo V4. Up, down, sideways, and always in control. It’s not an illusion, it’s just a Mojo. Only better. And available now.

To showcase the newest iteration, we sent a bike to the Wallners. Robin is our EWS Team Captain. His partner Elin is a skills coach and mountain bike guide. In between taking care of their son, they've been fighting over who gets to ride the magical Mojo!

The entire video was filmed by Niklas Wallner, Robin's younger brother.
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 His ibis did the job
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 came to say the same thing
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 who knew Robin had such Steeze? Fun edit there!
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 I know right?! He hit the backflip at the end and my jaw was on the floor!
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 Nice chap too, Ibis has some great brand ambassadors
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 Well done. Sick style. Really enjoyed this
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 that guy has a lot of style.
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 Ibis, thank you for being you!
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 This is a company that understands who buys their bikes. Says this ripmo owner.
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 Watching Elin, all I can think of is, "Wow, and my wife gets off her bike to go down a curb."
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 Yes, but the dismounting could be due to "curb appeal".
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Consider introspection on this topic
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 Östersund represent! Awesome job Niklas!
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 Got the Mojo going allright, thumbs up! And good on ya for releasing playful bikes with short chainstays.
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 Love Ibis, not trying to be edgy like evil or bro like transition. Nice to see some adults riding bikes.
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 Damn, both Robin & Elin Wallner can sure ride. With the new frame geometry (+ great standover height), 27.5 wheels, super short chainstays, etc, this bike looks like a real "hoot" to ride. The new Mojo 4 would be so much fun if you like popping off everything you can find on the trail and I'm sure would put as big a smile on your face as any bike out there.

Gripes: I would like to see Ibis offer a build kit between the XT and super expensive AXS build and offer a choice for Sram brakes? Also would like to have seen Ibis design the bike to fit a DPX2 and still fit a full size water bottle.

If anyone is interested, here's some other videos by Jeff Kendall Weed on the new Mojo 4:
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 Wait what's between XT and AXS? On a continuum of paying more to get less reliable shifting I don't have any idea what's in between those two. Did E13 come out with a full drivetrain group?
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 @Mtmw: Between XT and AXS there is almost a USD $4,000 (CDN $5,500) difference. To me that is a very large difference in price between builds, and the cost of some good complete bikes. This is why I said Ibis should offer a build between the XT and super expensive AXS. Why not offer X01 &/or XTR drivetrain and why do you say either of these 2 are less reliable shifting, depending on what you like (Shimano or Sram). Also XX1 w/o the wireless AXS could be another option and would still be a cheaper than the full AXS and save weight and hassle of charging batteries (except you would lose that really clean uncluttered cockpit)?
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 @RowdyAirTime: I guess they could make X01 and XTR drivetrains available, which probably isn't a horrible idea for them since I am sure the margins are better. Oh well.
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 Would also like to see SRAM brakes on Ibis builds, the ergonomics of Shimano’s levers aren’t for everybody especially large handed riders. I think most people would be surprised by the performance of an inline shock and Fox 34. Most riders can’t get the plushness they want out of a racers fork like a 36 as it is.
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 @Mtmw: Correction, the price difference between Ibis XT and AXS build is almost USD $4,600 or approx CAD $6,250, so I think they need at least 1 build between...
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 Why the English subtitles when they are both speaking English ?

Good video, a lot more couple’s and family’s are riding together now, it’s great to see that.
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 YouTube appears to be doing that automatically these days for some unknown reason
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 Swedish couple speaking english at home. Ok, this is an ad for the whole world but I would have preferred swedish with english subtitles. Their chat would have been more natural.
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 I recognized Elin from POC's website and their newsletters, I had no idea who she was or that she's married to Robin! Silly of me hahaha
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 Grymt! Snygg Edit, bra kört !!
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 Look at those ibis'es doing the work !
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 Good vibes, good Friday video.
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 I love it! The family shred Smile
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 Looks a little more flickable than my Mojo.....G16 Wink
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 Here for the comments
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 that was sick!!

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