Roster Announced for 2019 Propain Factory Racing

Feb 6, 2019
by Propain Factory Racing  

PRESS RELEASE: Propain Factory Racing

Welcome to Propain Factory Racing! A sneak peak for now with more to come in the next few weeks!

Joe Smith joins the team this year and brings with him years of racing experience. One of the remaining flat pedal racers we can't wait to see his savage style this season on all of our different bikes!

Joseph Smith
28 years old
Best racing achievements:
- 2015 British Downhill Series Champion
- 2015 Redbull Hardline 2nd
- 2016 Leogang WC 9th
- 2016 EWS Wicklow 9th
- 2012 Fort William WC 7th

Loves cornering, nothing better than linking up a couple of sweet turns.
Little known fact: I was the first member of the Abermule Beaver Scout Group.

bigquotesI’m really excited about joining Propain Factory Racing, having known Ben Reid from when I started racing it’s going to be really cool working with him and the rest of the team this season. For 2019 I’ve started working with a new coach and training is going really well, I’m itching to get out, meet up with the whole team and get the season started off. I’m so grateful to be traveling the world doing what I love and hopefully I can pass on some of my knowledge of racing to some of the younger guys on the team.Joe Smith

Next up we have first year junior rider Luke Williamson from Southhampton, England. Luke proved his speed last year in the Youth category with respectable times in the Elite category. We are really looking forward to seeing Luke grow as a rider in the next level of his racing and we are sure he can do battle with the top racers in his field.

Luke Williamson
16 years old
Best racing achievements:
- Winning National Championship at Glen Coe in 2018
- IXS Youth winner, Brandnertal 2018
- Fort William BDS winner 2018
- Overall Youth British Downhill Series Winner 2018

Loves to ride fast and rough tracks
Little known fact: First win on a pedal bike was on the pump track at Les Gets aged 11 - winning an extra large pair of adult shorts! This was before I had even ridden a DH bike.

The only non Brit on the team, Rudy Cabirou will bring a bit of his French suave to the team. With a top ten World Cup result under his belt and some solid Enduro World Series results we are stoked to have him on the team to fly the flag for Propain Factory Racing!

Rudy Cabirou
24 years old
Best racing achievements :
- 8th at Lenzerheide WC in 2017
- 17th overall WC in 2017
- 4th European Championship in 2017 and 2018
- 10th WC Lourdes in 2015

My favorite thing to do on a bike is to ride a sick spot! Shred the spot on my DH bike with friends and share good times. 
Little known fact: Positives vibes, food lover and always training hard to be better!

We saw Henry Kerr progress so much aboard our bikes last year, from starting the year with a few mishaps then going on to taking multiple podiums to claim second overall in Junior was an amazing achievement. To be putting in consistent top 40 times in Elite already is a great starting point for Henry to move up to do battle in the main arena.

Henry Kerr
18 years old
Best racing achievements: Finish 2ND in the Junior World Cup Overall

Loves a nose dive
Little known fact: I am British American dual nationality

bigquotesI'm beyond stoked to be racing my 1st year as elite alongside the same team I have been riding for since I first came on to the World Cup scene as a junior. It's going to be a big step up but I am hoping to carry my momentum moving into elite alongside some experienced and quick teammates. With a new look and new sponsors its going to be a mint year at the races and can’t wait!Henry Kerr

Team kit is provided by Leatt this season and we think it looks mint!

A few words from team manager Ben Reid:

bigquotesI count myself very lucky to have been in the position to build a race team around my own racing career which is how this all started for me, I needed a lot of things to line up to make that possible alongside the long hours and it's always been a dream to make the switch from being a privately run team to have a bike company step up and take things to the next level and having Propain as that bike company is simply a dream come true. The guys have all been working hard to help bring the new team together which has made my job more achievable as the team continues to grow. I'm really excited about the squad we have moving forward. With Henry winning the British overall last season and taking 2nd in the World Cup overall I can't wait to see what he can do in with the elites. Luke Williamson was a rider who really impressed me alongside many of last years youth riders which made the decision all the more difficult, I feel together with Propain we made the right decision welcoming Luke onto the team. We became interested in Rudy Cabirou towards to end of last season and after a couple of chats trying to speak my clearest version of English to the young French man we quickly discovered it was a good match and with road manager Ben Siri being part French and also fluent this was all too perfect! Last but not least we have Joe Smith who needs no introduction, I've always admired his style and speed on the bike and with a string of World Cup Top 10's to his name Joe is another great addition to the new team. All of the above is just a teaser to let everyone know what we’re up to, more exciting stuff to come soon. Keep your eyes peeled!Team Manager Ben Reid

Propain Factory Racing is supported by:

Propain Bikes looking after frames
Sixpack Racing providing finishing kit
RS Farbroller
Vee Tyre Co providing the rubber
Leatt providing apparel and protection
Sram/RockShox supporting the team with suspension forks, brakes and drivetrain
Stans No Tubes supporting us with wheels and their trusty tubeless system
EXT Shocks supporting us with their amazing shocks


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 Hey Pinkbike would you plz make a whole article with all the team videos. That would awesome or you guys could do that for Movies for ur Monday. I would really appreciate that!
  • + 5
 once the dust has settled a summary story with all the team changed would be awesome, too many to keep track of
  • + 1
 @kookseverywhere: Yes! Before the race season starts: a thorough article on who rides for who, in what kind of race kit, what to expect, rule changes from last season(?) etc... Go full nerd on this one! Would make the start of the season a little less confusing before we figure out who's who.
@paulaston Wink
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 The podium awaits you Joe. Hope this is your year for some huge results.

Who remembers this:
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 I'm glad to see that paint roller manufacturers are finally finding their place in our sport.
  • + 1
 I always use rollers to paint my bikes
  • + 4
 R.I.P Dirt Frown
  • + 0
 Is Dirt dead?

They haven't updated their site in months.
  • + 2
 I believe so, unfortunately @excavator666:
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 What a waste….
  • + 3
 Ah, so sad. They just bled to death. No goodbye (like the Velosolutions DH team did), no announcement (like they did when they quit publishing in print. They just stopped. Mike to Misspent Summers, Smurf to PB, Jonesy who was actually a proponent of leaving print and going online... no idea what he's doing now. The DH race team has always been iconic (with Vanessa Quinn even picking up the rainbow stripes in DH). With the Eskapee Collective also down now, the only quality media left now to throw my money at is Misspent Summers and Cranked. I hope they both proceed and prosper.
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 Thats more than "few words from team manager Ben Reid"... Smile
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 SRAM/RS replaces Formula and no more Phil Atwill, but a nice team again.
  • + 3
 too bad, I wonder if there's another DH team with Formula support or they ceased DH activity for this year
  • + 2
 Henry Kerr has a big future. Kids quick.
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 Can i ask you why do all these teams add a somewhat redundant "factory racing" to their name?
  • + 8
 Because they are the factory team?
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 @satansdog: yeah but why do we need to be told that you sarcastic funny f*cker.
For instance "Reece Wilson racing for trek"
Gives me as much relavant information as anyone needs as "Reece Wilson racing for trek factory racing" without the unnecessary wordyness just like you're not calling yourself "the dog that belongs to Satan, the personifaction of evil." because its assumed.
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 @matt5311: how dense are you? They are called the factory team because they are other teams on the same bike but they aren’t the factory supported team, do you understand or do i need to dumb it down more?
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 That's sad they stopped running Formula forks
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 It was XFusion wasn't it? I know what I'd pick if I was running a team. The support teams and racers get from RS and Fox can't be matched by the smaller suspension brands.
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 What happened to Mark Slugger Beaumont?
  • + 1
 He retired a few years back
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 Good luck this season Joe!
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 Yeah Joe.
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