[Updated After Racing] Video Round Up: Highlights, POVs & More from EWS Val Di Fassa 2022

Jun 28, 2022
by Ed Spratt  
As the 2022 EWS season continues in Val Di Fassa we have rounded up all of the best videos to keep you updated with the racing this weekend. Come back throughout the weekend for more videos from practice, the Pro Stage and Sunday's big day of racing.

Race Day

We Are One Enduro Team:

In the Land of Ferraris, 5 Euro Margherita Pizzas, and road cyclists as far as the eye can see, the 4 young Canadians on the We Are One Enduro Team experienced the trails that Northern Italy had to offer in the 3rd stop of the EWS. Coming off of a high in Petzen-Jamnica the week before, the boys were excited to prove themselves once again. One of them may have been TOO excited as Johnathan Helly found himself in the clinic after a crash on stage #3. The other riders however found themselves with solid results that left them hungry for more.

Full Highlights:

bigquotesWelcome to the second episode of the all new Enduro World Series Show, your complete guide to all things EWS!

In this show we dig deeper into the dirt of the second round of the Enduro World Series and EWS-E from Petzen-Jamnica. It's been four years since the series visited the race course which straddles the Austro-Slovenian border and it was definitely a return to the big, physically demanding stages of old!

In this episode we follow local racer Vid Persak, unleash Josh Carlson into the pro pits and dissect the big winners (and losers) from a dramatic R2.
Enduro World Series

Moi Moi TV:

bigquotesRace day was tough! 6th is all I had on the day.

Shout out to Mr Ed holding it down for the #shoulderboisworldwide and getting back on the podium!

Who You got in a dance to the death, Mr Bomba VS Party Boi?
Jack Moir

Pivot Factory Racing:

bigquotesWell sports fans the crew out did themselves and took it straight to the box for the Canazei Italian EWS !

Amazing long stages, great weather, great friends, great times and even better results!
Bernard Kerr


bigquotesThe dust has just about settled here at EWS Val Di Fassa Trentino and what a race it was! The Italian Dolomites put on a world-class show and pushed racers to their limits! Watch our highlights show to find out what went down. Enduro World Series

Pro Stage


bigquotesThe opening act of the third round of the Enduro World Series, EWS Val di Fassa Trentino, was an insanely physical Pro Stage that pushed even the toughest riders to the limit. Set amongst the scenery of the Dolomites, the racing proved every bit as dramatic as the scenery.

Join Ric McLaughlin and Josh Carlson as they break down the results from today’s events and analyse where it was won and lost, and what it means heading into Sunday’s four big race stages - where the overall series lead currently hangs in the balance!
Enduro World Series

Moi Moi TV:

bigquotesThat was a lung burner!! Shout out Mr Bomba, today's MVP. Stopped 100m before the end of the stage and still got 4th haha. Jack Moir

Richie Rude's Pro Stage POV:

Jesse Melamed's POV:


Course Preview:

bigquotesThe course here at EWS Val Di Fassa Trentino is nothing short of epic. With breath-taking views and an all-you-can-eat buffet of world-class trails, racers are in for a treat. Let Ric McLaughlin and Josh Carlson guide you down two of the most iconic stages in the Fassa valley - Titans and Tutti Frutti. Enduro World Series

Practice Highlights:

bigquotesIt's practice day here at Val di Fassa Trentino. With the jagged terrain of the Dolomites overlooking them, the racers hit the stages. With an array of line choices available, we caught up with a few of the pros to see how they're finding the trails here - and how they find the fastest lines for the all-important race day! Enduro World Series

Moi Moi TV Covers Practice Day:

bigquotesVal Di Fassa, Canazei Enduro World Series Practice Day

Frothing on the tracks! Dirt is sick, but still super slick from the rain the last couple days.
Jack Moir

Pivot Factory Racing:

bigquotesWe're back from Bentonville and straight to Canazei Italy for the 3rd round of the EWS and its a big mountain one! Slippery roots big stages and good times were had.

Check in with Eddie masters, Matt Walker, Morgane Charre and myself as well as the whole Pivot factory racing team!
Bernard Kerr

Jesse Melamed:

bigquotesI hope all those that went down are ok! This stage was slick and sketchy and was catching a lot of people out. Myself included.Jesse Melamed



bigquotesShakedown at EWS Val Di Fassa Trentino went down under the looming rock spires of the Dolomites. Riders were treated to absolute hero-dirt conditions, after some overnight showers and a morning in the baking sun. We caught up with some of the world’s best in-between runs of the amazing ‘Rodeline’ trail. Enduro World Series

How to go fast, in Fassa

bigquotesWe're in the beautiful Italian Dolomites for round three, EWS Val Di Fassa Trentino. Josh Carlson headed out to Shakedown to see the Pros put tyres on dirt for the first time this week, and see if he can uncover what the secret to going fast in Val Di Fassa is! Enduro World Series

Sessioning Jumps and Bike Setup with Jesse Melamed

bigquotesShakedown day at EWS is a chance to sample some of the trails that are similar to what we will be racing. We can get some content ahead of the race as well as get an idea what the trails are like and what settings we might need to change. Jesse Melamed

Media Recce Racing

bigquotesEWS Val di Fassa – the main race. That is, the media recce race to the bottom.

You'll never guess what happens in this episode! OK, we'll tell you: Sven crashes but survives to real-talk another day, then takes us for a ride around stages 2-5 of this week's Enduro World Series race.

Who's your money on for the EWS win this week?

Camera: Squids on Tour, Sven Martin
Edit: TJ Smith/Film Smith Media
Misspent Summers

Shakedown and Track Walk with Jack Moir

bigquotesMoi Moi TV - Canazei Enduro World Series Round 3 Shakedown and Track Walk.
Mr Bomba and Party Boi up to their usual antics, Stages look wild, and the shakedown track was sick!
Jack Moir

Nukeproof-SRAM Factory Racing

The Nukeproof-SRAM Factory Racing team sample the hero dirt during Shakedown.

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 MoiMoiTV is such a gem. Partyboy and Mr Bomba are top notch additions. The TopGear/Grand Tour trio of the Enduro scene!
  • 28 1
 100%, the Partyboy outro cracks me up every time ("you like that sh**?"). You sort of overlook that both Dimitri and Jose are crazy fast and professional racers.
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 Pity EWS have handed a cease and desist to MTB Reel Guy he was getting some amazing clips of the riders. Super fresh footage and EWS have to ruin things and block people from making a living and providing riders clips to help grow the sport. Go give @mtbreelguy a follow and show him some love
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flag fabwizard (Jun 28, 2022 at 7:49) (Below Threshold)
 If EWS loses advertisers/sponsors/clicks to MT Bike Guy, what happens to EWS. It folds like many race organizations before them. They are just protecting their revenue stream. And before you say down with the corporations, without this corporation EWS racing would not exist.
  • 9 0
 @fabwizard: guy was providing a service for all the privateers out there. EWS are only ever interested in showing the top 3 riders and the photographers are paid by the pro teams leaving privateers or non pros with zero footage of themselves.

You have awesome riders finishing in the top ten in the world but never hear anything about them.

If the EWS wants to grow or even keep going then it needs to also focus on riders outside the top 3. What’s the point in sponsors getting involved or riders or some racers even racing if there is literally zero media coverage of them.
  • 3 5
 @CantQuitCartel: MT. Bike Guy could approach EWS and say exactly what you just did. And offer a fee and proof of insurance etc... Come up with a plan that shows how EWS will benefit.

He needs to show a win win situation to them.
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 @fabwizard: Have you seen the sponsor list of the EWS and the entry fee for a round?? Or how much a vendor or team need to pay for a space in the event village or pits?? I am guessing not. The EWS revenue it astronomical. they will not be losing ANY money by allowing MTB Reel Guy to help promote the sport and help privateers get the coverage then need and deserve.
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 @Scouse-Mouse: ok now what about expenses, permits, pricing, INSURANCE, salaries etc....

How much do those sponsors pay or do they just supply product and prizes.

If mt bike guy is doing this for profit then there is no reason he should not pay like everyone else
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 @fabwizard: genuine question as I don’t know the answer but do photographers who post their photos on roots and rain etc have to pay the EWS?
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 @CantQuitCartel: no idea either, i was just being evils advocate for the other side of the equation.

Everyone here seems to hate anyone who makes a profit/protects a patent etc....

But without profit you would have very few businesses making/providing the things we love.
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 With moimoi tv, melamed and other guys putting out such great content, EWS official videos seem quite boring and unprofessional, not showing the real thing...
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 'Oh, you are beautiful my friend; show me again'--senhor Bomba
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 OMG the official pro stage commentary is so bad. I'm sorry guys I know you are trying but your format is absolutely horrendous and I fear what this means for the World Cup racing next year when the same outfit takes over the commentary from Rebel. You can guarantee it will be behind Discovery's paywall and if this is how the commentary will be I expect it will be. a disaster.
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 Honestly, it's bad. Puts into perspective how good Warner really is, especially since he had that pro media training. He even gasp> makes the effort to pronounce riders' names correctly, unlike those two amateurs in EWS.
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 To the editors of Friday Fails, Saturday Sends and Sunday Saves at Pinkbike: Have a look at the official EWS videos. That's how you end a video without letting the logos and links overlaying the actual video content ;-)
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 they actually did that already on last weeks friday fails
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 sam will rip that a new one
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 Say shakedown one more time!
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 try as you might ews, without warner, free livestream and free full replay its not gonna be good enough
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