[Updated] Video Round Up: Highlights, POVs & More from the Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Cup 2022

Aug 8, 2022
by Ed Spratt  
As the 2022 DH World Cup season continues with the return to Mont-Sainte-Anne we have rounded up all of the best videos to keep you updated with the racing this weekend. Come back throughout the week for more videos from practice, qualifying and Saturday's big day of racing.


Bernard Kerr:

bigquotesCome along for one of the best days in Canadian MTB history...Finn Iles wins the Mont saint Anne World Cup with the biggest and best crowd we've ever seen in the iconic venue....

I also got 5th which is cool but yeah just enjoy the show and thanks to everyone that came out and supported!
Bernard Kerr

Jenna Hastings:

bigquotesAnother podium for BK, finn takes his first win, some more media squidding and line spotting. a good weekend Jenna Hastings


[QUOTE author=" Canyon]WOW! What an incredible penultimate World Cup race here in Canada as our man Troy Brosnan manages to bag his first podium since breaking his ankle, whilst rival Canadian racer Finn Iles takes a crazy win on home soil. This is what downhill is all about!

Catch the pure sounds and raw emotion from the day in this bumper PIT PASS![/QUOTE]

Adam Brayton:

Story of the Race:

The penultimate round at Mount-Saint-Anne delivered injuries, championship shake ups, and hometown heroes. Watch Ben Cathro break it down.

Winning Runs:

bigquotesThe 2022 UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup race in Mont-Saint- Anne is going to the History Books! Why? Watch the video & you'll understand. Red Bull


bigquotesIt's the big day in Mont Sainte Anne, and the results leave a bittersweet feeling. Fox

Nina Hoffmann's Finals POV:

bigquotesFollow me on my finals run here in MSA, Canada! Second place on a rough and wild trackNina Hoffmann


Inside the Tape:

Ben Cathro takes you down the world-famous Mont-Saint-Anne DH track, to show you the ins and outs of one of the longest tracks on the circuit.

Produced by Sleeper Collective.

Santa Cruz Syndicate:

bigquotes"Another day in the life of my 23-minute work life" - Laurie Greenland

It was another eventful day on the hill with wheels getting taken out all over the show - the rocks in MSA are no joke. Unlucky for Jackson, he was one of those whose wheel got chewed up and spat out. Lucky for Jackson, he was able to keep good pace regardless and slotted into P4.

MVP of the day goes to Greg. One of the most physical tracks on the circuit but that doesn't seem to phase this guy and he stitched together a near-perfect run.
Santa Cruz Syndicate


bigquotesIt's qualifiers in Monte Sainte Anne, and with a pit setup that is finally near the downhill track, the Fox pit is open for puzzling.Fox

Bernard Kerr:

bigquotesWell sports fans the internet is slow but the track is fast and sick! Jump on board for the day and the quickest timed training run of the day here in Mont saint Anne Canada! Bernard Kerr


Up to Speed:

Ben and elusive point man Dave speak to the people fighting for the overall this weekend at the Mont-Saint-Anne World Cup.

Produced by Sleeper Collective Ltd

Ben Cathro's Course Preview:

Ben Cathro and Thibault Laly head down the revised Mont-Sainte-Anne track.

Jackson Goldstone's POV:

bigquotesOver the course of its life the Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup has seen races all over the globe, created two-wheeled heroes and produced some of the most spectacular sport the planet has ever seen. But one thing has remained constant… the terror that is Mont-Sainte-Anne.

That said we've not seen racing here since 2019 due to the Covid pandemic. Back then the venue held the World Championships. The athletes will be itching to get going again here on what is seen as the monuments of mountain biking. Here’s what the Downhill course has in store, through the eyes of rising Canadian talent, Jackson Goldstone.
Red Bull

Dante Silva's POV:

bigquotesTake a run down the gnarly MSA track with CLLCTV Pirelli rider Dante Silva! Canyon


bigquotesIt's practice day in Mont Sainte Anne, and with a track as long and physical as this one, there is a lot of work to be done. Fox

Lino Lehmann's POV:

Jenna Hastings:

bigquotesSome raw clips of a bunch of riders who came past me, pretty boring but pretty entertaining day on the hill, mad respect to the media squids who spend all day every day up there Jenna Hastings


Bernard Kerr:

bigquotesWe are back in Quebec for MSA track walk after 3 years off the epic venue...some awesome changes so come along and check them out! Bernard Kerr


bigquotesIt's track walk day in Mont Sainte Anne, which means we get to take a look at this iconic downhill track, and ask the athletes about their first bikes. Fox

Dean Lucas:

bigquotesBack in Canada for round #7 of the world cup series at MSA!

Looks like it's going to be an even longer track than we're used to with the track looking like it'll be around the 4:30 mark.
Dean Lucas

Jenna Hastings:

bigquotesOh we here at mont saint anne sports fans for round seven of the world cup circuit! sucks to not be racing, track looks fireeee. good luck everyone Jenna Hastings

Greg Minnaar Q+A:

bigquotesAsk and you shall receive.

We set Greg questions from the great fountain of entertainment, the ol' Instagram DM's, and the kind people of the said platform did not disappoint.

Moustache mascara, pushing Loic Bruni, Amaury and Loris off a cliff and what Greg's shower routine consists of. Real top-shelf fodder to kick things off here in Snowshoe.
The Syndicate

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 Who remembers waiting until the entire season was over then spending £20 on a VHS tape to see what happened at the races?
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 Headliners and Transcontinental!
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 Raw is cool and all but I would like some editing, names and metal music please.
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 Remembers? I think you just described next year. Maybe not vhs tho.
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 This internet thing is top notch
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 The circus and Porter's videos!!
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 thanks for reminding me.
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 @Andresjb: The only VHS I bought was Earthed (1). The subsequent seasons I bought Earthed on dvd to see what happened at the races. After Earthed quit, I got a Porter video (The Tipping Point) and was hugely disappointed. Pretty much the only race registration was the stuff near the finish line! Never bought (or watched) a Porter video after that. Yes, I indeed got "Deathgrip" (the one with Brendog) as a Misspent Summers book.
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 Grab booze, watch these videos, everytime the word Sick is said take a drink. Be sick.
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 I actually only drink for "gnarly". Gets me drunk, but not quite as drunk
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 That great, but i drink everytime when i hear "Pace" on the livestream.
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 "Stoked" ... just saying.
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 open up a few ones to be prepared for amaury coming up hahaha
"sick aiksdnoiasndo sick asocoiasc sick asoidninoas sick, ya that was sick joaisjdoiasjd"

Kinda sums up his Interviews hahaha
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 Want to see what alcohol poisoning feels like. Read the comments on injury reports and drink when someone writes "gutted".

I hate that saying because I grew up in a hunting and fishing family and that word puts some seriously disturbing images in my head.
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 @ullsen: drink 6 times during every Myriam interview
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 Jackson Goldstone is Peter Parker and you can't convince me otherwise.
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 Come on Wyn! Upload!
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 As soon as I saw Wyn in Bernard's LSD with a mic rig I started checking ...
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 The worldwide shortage of vowels escalates as 100 prcnt become the latest company to run out of stock .
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 I think it stands for pro-cvnt
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 Spply chn sss
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 Minnaar: I'll still be racing next season. World Champs in Fort William might be the last...
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 Really enjoyed Jackson's track preview. Hope he does more.
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 one of the best already. he was quite calm talking and apologised for not talking during the gnarliest section, in the midst of said gnar!
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 bernard kerr video with mo editing are long but show the intensity of the day
so many people said to finn that i’ll win
so many canadian were waiting for a canadian win since 2013
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 Jackson course preview was awesome - keep up the good work!
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 Jackson's new bike is rad. What determines when a rider gets a new factory rig?
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 I started the Cathro track video, answered a few work emails and came back as he was still going through sections! Unreal track cant wait.
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 MSA always looks like an equal mix of terror and agony. This year is no exception. Those open grass sections make my hands hurt just watching. Gah.
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 I’m not Canadian but it really feels like my country won!! Shit it feels like I won!! Finn really had me emotional yesterday haha
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 I got Finn and Loic to do shots with me …
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 when you watch the recap of the final runs you realize only two races with Rob Warner to come
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 Two UCI races! Who knows where else we'll get to see him...
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 got my chainsaw signed by finn iles and hope sven martin publish the photo he took
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 Absolutely AWESOME intro on the Greg M video!
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 The mechanic dude dancing at the end of the dialed video cracks me up
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 Kerr : Nr 16 = Win - Let's see if the legend is verified
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 Yoyo, sports fans.

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