Video: Rowdy Roadie Riding with the Industry Nine Team

Nov 24, 2020
by Industry Nine  

We built our reputation on advancing MTB technology in both the performance and aesthetic realm, but we have a dirty little secret... We ride road bikes.

On pavement, gravel, and into the unknown - roadie or rowdy, we've got you covered.

Expand Your Map.

All the fun, different bike

Multiple options for every bike on every ride

Go Ride Your Bike!

Video: @TommyPenick
Riders: Friends & Employee's of Industry Nine
Location(s): Beatutiful Western NC & Ride Kanuga


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 Note to self... stick to mountain bikes on PinkBike.
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 Nah this is rad. Keep doing you I9, b/c it's working.
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 I would encourage you to do more of this. haters gonna hate, alligators gonna alligate.
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 I ride gravel. Never realised it was soo moody and intense though. I must be doing it wrong.
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 I admit I do have a gravel bike and it's a great tool for fitness, especially in winter, but I never understand why anyone would ride one in places where a mountain bike is so much more fun.
The potential for traveling further from home faster to explore places maybe ? But surely that's why we have bike racks.
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 Agreed - if there are trails, I'll take my mountain bike any day. At least a hardtail.
However, they're good for exploring in areas that don't have many trails anyway, and where the next trails are hours away.
But then again, if you go by train, the option to sleep on the way there & back is the greatest range extender ever Smile
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 @jansibar: I ride roadbike maybe as much as my mtb and lot of mine riding buddies has gravel bikes. And I always wondered why?
So, my explanation would be that these guys are 100% roadies and they feel uncomfortable riding singletracks. They just don't enjoy technical part of descending some mtb trail.
They do like speed, body position that they are used to, possibility to ride fire roads, possibility to put on some fenders during winter time and possibility to have a spare wheelset with road tyres and use this bike on road during bad weather rides or as spare bike. Also, gravel bikes makes a great fast commuters
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 My gravel bike is for gravel, my trail bike is for trails, my track bike is for track, and my road bike doesn't get ridden.
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 @RonSauce: my gravel bike is for reducing my exposure to getting hit by a car.
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 You don't know what you don't know. See below.
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 Why would I ever need a bike rack for gravel? Getting there is just part of the ride. Not everyone lives in the center of a city miles from good riding and some of us just enjoy riding bikes whatever.
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 i ride my gravel bike in places where a mtb is more fun because the trails are full of covid riders rocking their santa cruz bikes and nike trainers, so whilst they still hold me up on a gravel bike its not as bad as it is on a mtb.
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 Road ain't bad ya'll. If you embrace that riding bikes is hard work and learn to enjoy that aspect, which most mountain bikers never do, then you'll come to understand the joy and purpose of road to make you a f*cking nasty MTB'er.

I was you. For over 10 years I was that guy. "Why would anyone EVER ride road when you can ride MTB?!" I was.....that guy. But then I realized:

I like going 60 mph down massive Georgia mountain passes. I like pushing myself into the darkness of the pain cave. That is why many people hate on e-bikes, because we've embrace that riding bikes can be work, and that climbing isn't "hard" when you just embrace it for what it is.

If you're hating on road and gravel, you're just a baby in your bike journey. A close-minded idiot who thinks you know what you're talking about. I can say that, because I've been that close-minded idiot, but now, bikes are bikes. Except for cyclocross, because f*ck cyclocross.
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 Nah man, give me an all day slow climb up a mountain for an hour descent versus going 60 mph in Lycra on skinny tires and having to worry about drivers paying attention to the road.

It’s a matter of preference and not being a close minded-idiot who thinks their preferences should apply to everyone.
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 Bikes are bikes are bikes are bikes as far as I'm concerned - I love being on two wheels, whether that's my Enduro / SingleSpeed / DJ / Hardcore Hardtail or Road Bike - If I'm on two wheels it's ALWAYS a good time. When I was younger I used to jeer 'roadies' who cycled past me. I'm a bit older now and I can have almost as much fun on a road ride as I can on a world cup downhill track, it's just a different kind of fun!

Same goes for the cost of the bike. It could be a brand new 5k DH beast or a 2004 Specialized Demo - you can still have hella fun on either one. Just get out and ride your damn bike!
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 @DirtboxTom: the best bike is the bike you’re riding!
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 @Pcurt27: You do realize I'm advocating for MORE open-mindedness don't you.....
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 @youknowitsus: Yes I do, but In my opinion the way you’ve written the original comment won’t bring any roadie haters to stop hating. The way it’s written, or the way I’m reading it, the comment comes off as condescending with phrases like “most mountain bikers never do” and “just a baby in your bike journey”. I think a more effective way of getting the roadie hate to stop is describing the benefits more. I don’t think you change a lot of minds by calling people close minded, but showing them how close minded they are might work.
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 @Pcurt27: This we can agree on, I'll own my lesser effective choice of language. Thanks for clarifying my dude.
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 @youknowitsus: I dont have beef with roadies, but I won't ride on the road anymore. Last September I watched a dude get fully run over by an SUV making an illegal turn. I've witnessed a few hit and runs of cyclists, and have been told by police that they just assume the person on the bike was "acting like they own the road and probably deserved it".

I'd rather get airlifted out of the woods because of my own mistakes than be shoveled into the back of an ambulance because someone got a Facebook notification.
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 @RonSauce: I live in an area where road riding is extremely popular. Needless to say, I've seen more serious bike accidents ( some of them grisly looking ) resulting in ambulance rides in my 5 years here, than my 43 previous years in other locations. I'm good with "sharing the road".
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 Where was the rowdy part?
Looked like someone took a cyclocross/gravel bike on done gravel!

Reminded me of being a kid taking my cheap rigida wheels on the the sunday club run back in the 80s. Those wheels lasted for years. Old school bearings and races and we rode 60psi and dad maintained them. Smile
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 One of the least inspiring videos I've seen, at the risk of sounding prehistoric- keep the road on the road and the mountain bikes on the dirt.
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 I once rode my gravel bike up the switchbacks at our local ski resort (in summer) located directly under the chairlift. People on the chairs hooted and hollered as I grinded up. There was a crowd at the top of the hill waiting for me to ask wtf I was doing. I joined their group and we rode the DH section back down together. We laughed. I felt more rad. It was memorable. This is my story.?!
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 you should've filmed it, sounds more exciting than the one we just watched tbh
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 The music straight from Doom, should've gone all the way and glory killed some hipsters.
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 i never understand the aliens are chasing us music either. but i guess it's contemporaneous with the serious faces and the pain cave attitude. the take away is to just have a good time, which is great. as long as it's extreme. has to be extreme.
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 Bikes, in general, are rad. Some days you just need to get some fitness work in and don't want to deal with cars. Some days it's fun to drift around gravel downhill turns on tires that are suboptimal for the job at hand. Some days you want to cover more ground in a given timeframe. Gravel bikes are fun, just like road bikes and MTBs are fun.
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 what you're saying is, bikes are fun!
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 I never understood, riding skinny tires on trails. And probably laughed and shook my head more than once at the thought. Then I had to relocate to a place without trails in the backyard and being scared shitless about riding with cars, I found myself exploring every ribbon of dirt, deer trail, power line and abandon train tracks, I could find. I would take riding proper trails any day. But riding sketchy tech on skinny tires, while sniffing out trails, still gets the endorphins going. Bikes are bikes, ride what you got and enjoy the piss out of it.
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 Owning one of each is the answer, but I must admit that it's fun to hit mild singletrack on my gravel bikepacking bike from time to time. Plowing through rock gardens and launching over small tabletop jumps with drop bars is exhilarating in its own way. Adding custom packs, riding several hundred miles of dirt and gravel, and camping all along the way is also exhilarating in a hundred different ways.

My ultimate goal is to ride from Washington DC to Georgia song the TransVA and TransWNC routes -- which includes a ton of gravel and a healthy dose of Pisgah singletrack. I'm fairly confident that a gravel bike is the right tool for that job, as a loaded trail bike would likely be a nightmare on hundreds of miles of doubletrack and gravel.

Is anyone here suggesting that attempting to tackle Pisgah with drop bars wouldn't be exhilarating af?
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 If you've ridden an enduro bike with maybe Magic Mary's a few miles on road, you'll know that they are even worse in that place than road bikes on a rocky descent!
So my personal midpoint when I want to ride to the trails and woods, is a 6 year old Trek Stache, with the original wheels replaced by some Mavic alloy 29ers and Bontrager XR4's. Rolls along ok (not fast but very grippy) on the tarmac and is loads of fun in some steep woods and on the last couple of gravel miles.
Surpising how often the 160mm travel bike stays on the hook and the car in the drive.
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 I rode 2.8 magic marys soft on a 1000m road climb on a good pedaling all mountain bike and it was not that much horribly worse than 2.3 agressor combo in 29 on a yeti. However, I dropped 12 psi before the trail and descent down and to offset the larger tires. I did not feel dead. If you have smoother climbs available and not racing larger tires aren't always a hindrance, you're bikes pedaling platform is a part too, and crisp AS does help offset efficiency losses.
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 If they'd used a casual/fun song and transitions this video would have made a lot more sense. Lifestyle dropbar riding should never take itself seriously. Honestly think this is the main reason MTBers generally have a bad taste for road riding - bunch of moms and dads thinking they're extreme.
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 I.....don't get it. To each their own of course, but I don't really get the marketing behind this one.
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 When are we getting a road bike filter ????
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 #CommentOfTheDay you get a +1 sir Beer
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 Are they taking the piss?
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 Was that Ennis the Menace I saw?
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 Yep! Sure was
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 I have a cyclecross/gravel bike for fitness - that is all it is good for! ha
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 This kind of riding I prefer 20/20 alt bars with inner ends on a 2.3-2.4 fast rolling tires on a nearly rigid hardtail 29'er MTB.
It's a lot more MTB fun on downs with similar efficiency than drop bar gravel sketch artists.
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 No, just no.
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 So is rolling up your tent fly and carrying your gravel bike their video equivalent to our pulling a shot of espresso and adjusting your googles?
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 It's our version of a drone following a Tacoma on a forest road.
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 @IndustryNineOfficial: Hahahaha omg this wins.
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 @IndustryNineOfficial: someone's been watching Overlanding channels. Beer
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 I have to admit, I thought I was going to see Yoann Barelli style gravel riding because of the thumb nail. I should have known better.
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 Vomitisly on trend. #hipstersaresheepletoo
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 You don't know what you don't know. See below.
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 Cyclocross is the root of skinny bikes on dirt. Don't hate on what you don't understand.
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 Disclaimer. No IPAs were harmed in the making of this video.
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