Video: Run Bike DH Race in the Alps

Aug 24, 2019
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The Kids Rider Bike Challenge (the first and only push-bike challenge in Europe) continued its race in the Northern Alps in Le Corbier in Savoie for the fourth year in a row after its Andorran leg in Vallnord the week before. For the first time in the Sybelles Skiing Resort, 2 to 5-year-old kids raced. The program includes a route worthy of a 12-inch scale downhill marathon where kids proved their impressive control despite their age as evidenced by the video.

Next, the Kids Rider Bike Challenge will pass through the Jura as part of one of the French historical mountain bike events in la Forestère for the 5th round on 14 and 15 September. The sixth and final round will take place in Martigues in southern France on September 29th.

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 THIS was immensely cooler than that FIM E-MTB World Cup race
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 Come on Pinkbike! It's not fair on the Ebikers to drop the push bike race and E-bike race online in the same week.
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 Nice to see that only the winners got medals. In the US everyone would have "won" and got a medal.
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 How dare those American kids feel proud
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 Everyone gets a medal but later only the "winners" will make enough money to afford social security.

edit : Starting debating about the effects of competition would be pointless I guess :p
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 Grandpa is yelling at clouds again.
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 And people still wonder why are the french so good at this sport. Start them young.
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 That inside take-over at 1:34 is mint! My kid is 1yr and 2 months, soon I'll be on a push bike, very soon!
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 french line!
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 Strider makes a rocking horse base for their bikes now! he can be on one today!
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 She was probably getting line choice tips from CathroVision!
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 No disrespect for these athletes, but did you really need all that slow motion for this one?
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 Will make the kids feel special when they watch it, gives the video a pro feel for the little ones.
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 Oh my God! Cute overload - great video Smile Smile
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 How to learn your kid as soon as possible not to force to climb up but to use mechanical lift-up, such a modern way to think.
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 Awesome! Much better than the balance bike races in the UK that my 3 year old has done - they all seem to be laps of a flat road/car park, without any dirt/ramps.
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 Knew the first comment would be "better FIM E-MTB" race....TRUE! Smile
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 Looks like a blast let's take our cranks and chains off and use Dh bikes (properly old ones preferably) and do it on dual slalom courses would be a hoot to ride and epic fun to watch especially when muddy) who is with me
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 This is SO much better than the stupid ebike race
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 downhill race with no brakes , never thought i'd see that !!! that was awsome !!!
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 It seems like there are many girls riding bikes during youth, maybe even more than boys sometimes, but then as time goes by there are less and less girls/womens riding.
I wonder if it has to do with genetic, culture, or safety (fear of being harassed or assaulted).
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 Where I come from, bikes are ridden regardless of gender. However, in mtb, there are more men than women, because let's face it, it is still a dirty and quite macho sport. But, it gets better every year.
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 There is a market for small kid's full face helmets since some of those little tikes had to wear their older sibling's helmet from the looks of it.
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 You can get them, Strider will be launching a CPSC and EN1078 certified, removable china bar, full face kids helmet this year!
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 Size-wise, those full face helmets look really dangerous on those kids. Imagine the amount of leverage on their necks in a crash
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 Can we get a bike check please next time?

I think 29ers are on the way out and it's all about 12ers now...
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 A few sandbaggers in there.
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 Best thing on the internet all season.
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 Wow, amazing videography, and amazing kids!
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