Video: Sam Blenkinsop's POV Run from the Crankworx Innsbruck Downhill Track

Jun 18, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Sam Blenkinsop takes a fast run of the downhill course for Crankworx Innsbruck. The track was looking dry but after a huge rainstorm today and with more rain predicted for the weekend we will most likely be getting some tricky conditions for Sunday's racing.

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 That's some very stabilized, very compressed video haha. GoPro effect seems maximum here. It does give an idea of the trial though.
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 The video being compressed is due to most likely his setting on the GoPro being on "Standard" bitrate and not on "High" also when he exported the video he needs to set the variable bit rate higher on top of saving it has an HVAC instead of H.264 Smile
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 @LiquidSpin: Great advice here!
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 @Remonster: Thanks! I think Sam uses the GoPro mainly to review, learn, and memorize the track so no real benefit to making it super high quality
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 @LiquidSpin: For sure. I'm bet they have a track walk video where they get some detailed views of the terrain.
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 Ummmm.... I guess you can call that a DH track.
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 its all the camera. Sam is going insanely fast, check out this vid from a few years ago. Same track but a huge difference in perspective.
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 @185cm79kg18cm: That gap at 2:00 was sick.
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 What the hell kind of janky ass track is that?
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 @185cm79kg18cm: That was wild. Either he has committed the location of every root to memory or hes just not concerned with washing out on one at that speed.
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 needs more pedally sections... waaaayyyy too fast ... ha ha
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 Watch it in x1.25 speed and you'll have a PierronXDaprela POV.
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 Imagine this track when it’s wet, mud and roots all over…but this weekend it’s forecasted 32 C so we can expect it gettin dusty.
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 looks very tight and flat
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 DH with Enduro sections and it looks worked and tough. Lots of places to eat dirt. The sound of the new camera is cool
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 ThAtS nOt A dOwNhIlL tRaCk, I cOulD dO iT oN mY xC bIke
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 Innsbruck Downhill Track: It's a shitload more uphill than the name suggests.
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 it must be pretty rough if that's a "fast run"
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 ??? Not sure about all the complaints, this track looks ridiculously fun
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 Some funny looking yellow and red trees over there
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 it looks like a video made with a drone
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 I still see poles on both sides
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