Video: Sam Cofano & Friends Tear up the Tweed Valley in 'Whips & Whiskey'

Dec 6, 2020
by Wet Lettuce  
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Every year, the Wet Lettuce guys make the pilgrimage to Scotland's Tweed Valley, home to the world's best turns and most questionable camp meals. This is the third instalment in that series or silliness, Hucks and Haggis. Cannondale Waves' Sam Cofano, rogue Jake Gilfillan, and Unieed Creative's Jim Topliss get together to capture the magic. Sit back, grab a brew, or a dram, and enjoy.

Jake Gilf giving it full gas
Sam Cofano getting twisted
Jake Gilfillan and Sam Cofano spent their College years in Innerleithen, honing their turning style and rum drinking abilities

We ll be Right Back

Good mateys

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 Whisky* In Scotland, its Whisky. No "e" present

The spelling "Whiskey" is used in Irish and American-produced spirits.

Your daily pedant report is now complete
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 'Twas a happy little homily, compared to the scorching sermon I got from a Scot after using "Scotch" and "Scottish" interchangeably.
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 The lettuce responsible for such an etymological blunder has been ordered to complete a night drinking only WKD, rosé wine and neat grain spirit as penance. We'd like to make clear the spelling mistake does not represent the view or opinions of Wet Lettuce as a whole.
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 @Veloscente: EXCUSE ME! A "little" homily?

I'll have you know that was a WEE homily. :p

I worked as a tour guide in a distillery for a few summers and got so used to people mis-prounouncing things that is just kinda desensitized me to it lol. What's the point in getting bent out of shape for an honest mistake!?

Although one of my favourites I still remember a woman who got the name "Bruichladdich" so badly wrong I thought she was starting to try and summon a Lovecraft-ian monster. Difficult name for a non-native to be fair. Laphroaig, Bunnahabhain, Dailuane, Clynelish and a few other provided some interesting interpretations. We don't really care if people mis-spell or mispronounce some of our names, they can be a ball ache.

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 @WetLettuce: +10 internet points for replying to this lol!

Swap the neat grain spirit for 2L of the new formula Irn-Bru Sugar-free and you have got yourself a punishment lol!

Keep up the great work though, video was awesome!
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 Wet lettuce is backkkk
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 Oh Shit!!! Porridge with a pebble in Peebles vibes
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 Where's all the footage from the end shot? I have no clue where that quarry is and it looks awesome.
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 Cool vid, good riding .. but played it with the sound off. Not my kind of music
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 Can’t seem to find this on YouTube?
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 I was worried when I saw the title, and hoped there not going to be any drunken "Whiskey Whips"! Good video.
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 Hahah loved the entire thing, quality work on both ends! Extra mad props for lindas sausages!
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 ya sammy boy
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 Pleasure to watch boys that was sick!
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 sick edit!
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 All fun, no filler.
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 That was above average
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 One man's offal is another's tweed herringboner. I see a big wheel and I want to paint it black
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 I miss dry lines already
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 The roomy though!!
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