Video: Sam Reynolds' Canyon Gap Superman - Red Bull Rampage 2015

Oct 17, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  



Best Trick: Sam Reynolds' Canyon Gap Superman

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 Loved the little "hand brake drift" at the end!
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 Agreed that was sweet!
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flag Poupou22 (Oct 17, 2015 at 23:37) (Below Threshold)
 first person i see riding a left rear brake setup
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 That's how almost everyone in the Uk runs their brakes...
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 @poupou22 its called a moto brake setup, so when you go back and forth between riding moto and mtb, there's less confusion. And also because Brits are badass. :p
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 Happy for Sam to be getting recognised now.big year he has had with the fest series and rampage!does he pre qualify for next rampage?
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 I think TOP10 from this year will be pre-qualified for next year edition
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 I like how they advertise the best trick in the heading but dam near missed the footage of the jump. What, no other or better angle.
  • 4 0 I took a few shots of it Smile
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 His second run had more extension are there any shots of that?
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 I caught the second one too. Around the same if not a little less extension. I could put them together still.
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 If you go to the redbull site and watch his second run it has the good angle.
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 Have they finally realized their media player sucks? Hurray for Youtube!
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 Sam, from broken back to best trick, to massive bail. Talk about big nuts!
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 Seriously? They used a camera that was BLOCKED by a fuggin bush, so we totally missed his take-off!
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 So I guess it is called a "no footed can nothing with a catwalk" or just ask Sam what he wants to call it. A no handed air walk maybe?
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 Everyone else called that second big trick a sidewinder, it looks so fun!
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 A sidewinder is a no-handed double footed can-can... That trick is called a flintstone and the name was coined by Clifford Adoptante in the early 2000's
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 If he could have incorporated a little more gnar factor up top he would have podiumed
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 @greghawaii It was good but not a winning run. It was a shame he didn't clean his second run though. That would have been awesome.
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 Legend states that there was a time when Rampage was about the wildest freeride ever and not slopestyle.
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 Wild like the runs that got 1st, 2nd and 3rd? particular category is called "best trick" indicating a slopestyle trick should win, not a huck or a gnar line.
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 Reality is that riders and bikes improved by a huge margin, so everything that has been done in 2002 would put you to sleep these days.
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 Yes, but take a look at the place in 2002 and take a look nowadays. And then tell me the differences.
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 I have never been there no1. From what I see on films is that if guys from today were not even jumping those frickin huge jumps which are way bigger than anything from 10 years ago, they would still win in 2002 for just getting down in one piece. You must ask a guy like Bearclaw to settle it. I think ir is way gnarlier and I leave it there
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 I completely agree with juanzo! kit-nz yes there is a particular category called "best trick" but it isn't heavier weighted than any other category or at least it shouldn't be the whole point of rampage is to push whats possible on a bike so yes I agree completely that tricks come into it but there HAS to be more recognition for things like line choice otherwise they may as well just have a couple of preset lines and see who can pull the best tricks and whats the point of people like brendog and zink and others building terrifying lines if theres no chance of them winning cause people like semenuk can do multiple 360's and flips in a run. and as per usual the scoring was way off not terrible in terms of placings but some were overscored purely because the judges started way to high to soon
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 Impressive Mr Reynolds Smile
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 Does he using XT brakes?
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 if Antoine Bizet Do double backflip he will Win best trick !!!
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 Go mullet boy!!!!!!
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