Video: Sam Reynolds Goes Pro DH Training with Joe Breeden

Apr 27, 2021
by UR Team  

We sent Sam Reynolds up to Wales to hang out with his teammate Joe Breeden and find out what it’s like to train like a pro downhill racer. It started with a very intense gym session with famous mtb coach Alan Milway.

After a very demanding physical session, Sam and Joe hopped on their electric motor bike and loosened up in a quarry nearby.

The physical training is a big aspect of a pro downhill racer but you can’t forget the technical side, so Joe took Sam on the steepest tracks around and then on technical ones giving him all the tips along the way.

bigquotesIt was amazing to stay with Joe and live the life of a professional downhill athlete for a few days! It was a great insight into how hard those guys train and ride on a daily basis to ride that fast down hills! I'll definitely watch the world cups with a new perspective.Sam Reynolds

bigquotesIt was great to have Sam come and join me to show him the ins and outs of how a Pro DH racer prepares for the upcoming race season. I can’t believe how capable he was in the Gym, I really thought he was in for an absolute smoking haha!Joe Breeden

Stay tuned for another episode where Sam will teach Joe how to be a freerider.


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 This is a lot of work to get some KOMs. I just made a segment on my quiet street, I found that was the easiest way to be the fastest rider around
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 Anyone could do them trails... He's a professional rider, doesn't matter if its freeride he will obviously be able to ride a bike
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 Yeah they guys done rampage. Off course he’s not going to struggle with a little scratched in trail somewhere in Wales. I don’t know why that guys speaking to him like he’s a total novice.
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 good stuff - absolutely enjoyed watching
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 Nice to have some steezing,
with the other "free riders" in the World Cup!
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 I thought weight belts were taboo these days? What do all the armchair trainers on PB think?
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 Genuinely curious to hear from certified trainers. But opinions and anecdotal evidence welcome. Training comment threads tend to be entertaining Smile
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 @pourquois-pas: Actually, there are a couple of things to consider. Most important is the context in which you find your athlete. If they are in the beginning of strength phase in their program then belts are redundant cause they will not be doing efforts that are close to their absolute max. As time goes on the loads are getting heavier and that’s when you have to consider what you are trying to gain with workouts and what is absolutely necessary to avoid. In this case, we have guys who are about to begin a riding season, most likely they are already focusing on being on the bike much more than in the gym. That’s why the belts are validated cause with squats they are after engaging their legs with minimal risk of injury and minimal risk of overtraining their core muscles, as they will be heavily utilized on those downhill laps. Notice they are using belts only in ‘heavy’ sets.
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 how about the intense life of an intense racer
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 We already have 'Intense racer's racing goes downhill', with Aaron Gwin's series.
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 6:50 the best riding tip you will see all year.
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 E mountain bikes? Those were motorcycles.

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