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Video: Sam Reynolds & Robin Goomes' Darkfest 2023 Course Previews

Apr 20, 2023
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesDarkfest continues to progress every year and this year, a 110 ft jump has been added. Sam Reynolds throws down a first hit on the 110 ft Monster-sized jump! GoPro

bigquotesRobin Goomes throws it down for the ladies and puts down the 1st Top to Bottom run from a female rider at Darkfest 2023 GoPro

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 Congrats to Robin on being the first women to link it all together. It feels rare to be able to watch a group of people form up and then achieve huge advances in something, in the way we've been able to with women's freeride over the last few years. It's been inspirational and awe-inspiring to watch. We really can achieve a whole lot when we stop ragging on each other and just try and make things better.
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flag danielfloyd FL (Apr 21, 2023 at 5:40) (Below Threshold)
 Yes bro. I don't understand why everything is about race and gender these days. Aren't we all just people? It seems silly that it even needs to be stated.
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 Dark Fest seems pretty unique that way. Aside from being the biggest and most advanced jumps in the sport, the atmosphere there looks (on camera, from a distance) to be extremely welcoming, supporting, and progressive. Probably due in large part to Sam, who seems like an incredible leader. Definitely a unique moment in the world of two wheeled sports.
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 @WaterBear: your comment can’t be upvoted enough times. Plus one million to you sir. Sam is a LEGEND indeed.
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 @danielfloyd: don't wanna get too political on a MTB geek website, but yeah, it wouldn't be necessary to comment on gender (or race or whatever cause of discrimination) if all people were treated equally in this world. But we're not there yet.
Can't hurt to show some extra support for those who aren't paid or treated like the first world white male. There, I said it.
Go Robin, and all the other lasses and lads at Darkfest!
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 @danielfloyd: Likewise I glad people are having fun living their life & trying to make it about anything than having fun in the moment, It seems there is a group of people throwing shade for whatever reason, fill in the blank. The jumps look amazing & scare AF, but following someone helps...The vibe looks great.
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 In 2024 we want a 125 footer, Brage and a sponsored visitors ticket for Cam
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 This is not a course preview ... this is Robin absolutely becoming a legend
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 He kinda has that partial madman Johnny Knoxville giggle….which would be apropos
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 That scream is pure stoke. I can feel the adrenaline from here, thousands of miles away through a heavily compressed gopro. Must be amazing to do that in person
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 None of us mortals know what to say. Seeing riders hit 15, 20, 30 ft gaps or jumps live or hitting the biggest gap / jump any of us can do seems impressive, but watching stuff like this makes me think we're not even riding bikes. Just defies all logic that riders are this amazing... give us more.
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 they both have the best reactions to what they are doing. The uncontrolled cackling, laughing, screaming and giggling are too good.
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 LOL it's not even the same sport as we do is it... Bonkers levels of skill and balls... crazy.
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 F ya Robin! Good for you! In this day, it is refreshing to see a woman kicking butt in a man dominated sport. Have fun!!
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 Soooooo much YES! DarkFest is always about getting stoked!
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 More content from Sam please. We love Darkfest, please show us what you are riding the rest of the year man.
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 He also does the Audi Nines event, which is also incredible and the ladies are killing there too.
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 Follow his YouTube channel. He posts fairly often. Prior to Darkfest, he was reworking the jump lines at his home in the UK.
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 No Tom Isted 120ft back flip?
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 it's the 'joker' from batman playing a video game???
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 Jesus, goosebumps. 110 ft !?!?!?
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