Video: Saturday Sends #26

Jul 31, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

Fridays are for the fails but on Saturdays, we want to celebrate the riders landing large gaps, drops, and tricks. Sit back and enjoy some sends!

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 That child with the manny lanny! SO sick. I aint shit
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 This was me bro thanks lmao.
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 Hey @Pinkbike, can you write an article about how to film high quality edits.
The riding is incredible, but is sometimes spoiled by shaky footage or bad pans etc.
A small video masterclass or something from a pro filmer, giving some pointers would be awesome.
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 You're losing your touch Pinkbike. I could still see what was going on in the last clip.
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 Friday is for feeling good about your bike skills. Saturday is for feeling bad... =/
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 Friday Fails is a horror movie and Saturday Sends is a superhero movie
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 @lefthandohvhater: Saturday Sends is the new Friday Fails
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 @friendlyfoe: For what it's worth it is much easier to watch Saturday Sends than Friday Fails.
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 2:44 (and thumbnail photo) are the Fish Gap across the climbing road on Sickter Gnar at Blackrock Mountain Bike Area in Oregon.
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 Yew!!! Just kidding...come with something to replace "Yew!!!" before I have to start watching these clips with the sound off.
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 I always yell f@ck yeah.
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 That bike train was insane. The pressure to not crash in that situation would be intense, but the pressure to look cool and be keep up would be even more so overwhelming.
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 Again, Not on time.. Com'on Outside
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 Congrats to all the guys and gals hitting these lines. Big props. Stay safe and stay on Friday fails
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 2:00 kid has skillzzz
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 Thank you bro!
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 Respect to the front flip guy
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 In my experience, it’s fun to have your front wheel or rear wheel leave the ground. But both at the same time!!!!?? Unpredictable & dangerous. These people are nuts!
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 thats sick. the last road gap is my local riding place
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 Main takeaway:
Riding in slo mo before the jump = Friday Fail
Riding in slo mo while in the air = Saturday Send
Will test this theory out on the trail.
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 Blackrock to finish
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 I’m not one to go on about wheel size but come on episode 26 should have been a tribute to 26 inch wheel
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 :28 anyone knows where that is looks like a jump I hit in Squamish 8 years ago but looks to dusty.
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 0:53 was a rowdy send. nice dude
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 So nice…. I wanna go to all these places!
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 The big O(not Outside) at 0:31- 'My GGod'-breath-.
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 full send
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 Huck yeah party train!
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 @2.40 wtf unreal
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