Video: Saturday Sends #29

Aug 21, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

Time to go stratospheric on Saturday.

Saturday Sends is presented by Vitus.


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 The dog wins this week's episode.
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 But it cased the landing, shouldn't it be in Friday Fails? Razz
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 @pipm1: Honey Badger- I mean Dog don't care- still a sendSmile
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 @ToddandToni: Actually, it can jump much better than me so I'll shut my gob.
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 @pipm1: Likewise
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 It’s a prototype…….a winner here AND Sunday saves, wuf
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 Wins until another dog can out do him…..!
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 Tuesday Trail Dogs please
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 Two knee surgeries later for the pup
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 Make sure you give your trail dogs fish oil and a joint supplement daily along with the highest quality food you can manage. It really, really helps them. And lay off the doggy NSAIDs, it'll rot their stomach in the long run...
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 A nice, wholesome selection of good clean sends for this week. My fave was the the Doggie Double, even if he did case it just a wee bit. Well done!
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 More doggo sends please
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 Maybe some good riding can be mixed in rather than just a bunch of small gap jumps and some wood drops you’d find labeled “eXpErt only!!!”
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 Agree. Need massive chunk lines and steep high speed shredding.
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 I don’t know…slow way down and apply a bunch of rear brake and those wood ramps can be deadly. I know this from Friday fails
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 Let’s see some steep slabs or rough technical riding. Anything that indicates there are other things to do on a bike than jump!
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 The dog at 1:40 should be required viewing for Friday Fails participants. That’s how your rear rebound should respond when you case a double! Pooch knows what’s up. Probably works in a shop and/or has a custom valve job
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 Yo dawg, you need a lawyer for that case
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 What I like about this segment is seeing a friend (or friend of a friend in this case) on pinkbike
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 At 1:14. Is that spot also in an old NWD movie?
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 Guy on banana peel was holding on for dear life.
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 The doggo cased it!
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 1:38 min is the winner
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 be kind to your dog.
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