Video: Saturday Sends #33

Sep 18, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  


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 I appreciated the fire jump - it'd been a while since I'd seen one. Modern bike videos and races need more things on fire.
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 And did I hear a "kurwa" at the very end of that scene? We need more of that too. I think I am going to start saying that here around Seattle.
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 that makes me cringe. the number of people I've seen burned from stupid fire stunts makes me appreciate it no more
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 Edit the whole thing down to the last clip (kid jumping WAY over dude).
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 That’s my 8 y/o son. We had been hitting it all morning and I decided to lay down and let him jump me. He was scared of landing on me and went WAY deeper than before and surprised us all. Proud dad day for sure.

Thanks PB for putting it in the Saturday Sends!
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 @tsn73: send it Riley!!
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 @tsn73: Your son is definitely a sender. That made my day. cheers
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 @tsn73: Every MTB dad’s dream right there!
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 @tsn73: That was rad!
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 "Yeah lemme just whip it like I'm making soufflé into a greasy ass mud pile."

Dude nailed it.
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 2:15 Brannigan, what a slayer!
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 Loved the last clip! Way to go little dude as well as Dad for letting him jump you!
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 We need a kids edition of saturday sends. there is something excellent about seeing the little ones send it.
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 Some of these clips made me think 'Thank God it's not Friday' . Pretty big jumps here and there. Nice sends all
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 I have to do some sending before becoming old and (more) brittle. Looks so fun.
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 that X line road gap, nicely done! I just did the smaller one and dont have balls yet to send this one Smile
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 Barspin roof drop - dope, mate nailed it
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 Go deep or go home edition
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 that's what she said
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 A couple of these should have been Sunday Saves.
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 GB rippin that fat scrubadub was dOpE aF
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 sticky forest represent

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