Video: Saturday Sends #37

Oct 23, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  


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@notOutsideCEO, crack the whip on your teams – the brand is taking a hit.
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 Also you can't say gay anymore. (see playback id)
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 this is a CORS issue because PB is embedding content from YT. The browser blocks this behaviour by default; the PB web devs need to explicitly allow it for this domain/port. This is the same thing that protects us all from $BAD_GUY stealing our banking info using a XSS attack, but in this case it's just super-annoying.

Whew! that's a lot of nerd for Sunday morning. Watch on YT and you're golden.
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 Doing God's work you are.....bless you.
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 too many pro clips, if you ask me... (most people probaly don´t)
more community content please!
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 Can't you let me believe for a minute that it was some random dude tail-whipping his downhill bike of a huge drop?
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 They could balance it out by including pros in Friday Fails
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 @MartinKS: Do you think there were too many pro clips?
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 Saturday Video Player fail
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 Fully expected this to be a replay of Rampage. Delightfully not disappointed. See Semenuk tail whip. I thought this was supposed to be amateur footie?
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 Its the Outside
creepin in
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 Maybe they are rethinking the proper chronological order in which to label and days to upload each. Thus,- Friday Fails , Saturday Saves , Sunday Sends. Makes more sense unless you like cool aid that is.
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 Watching vids here since 2001 PB has lost the plot New tech New editors Different ideas Time to file 4 Divorce
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 Thanks for the clip ! 1.30
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 Why is is being removed?
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 No podcast this week?
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 It's a dead send legend...
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 No pros. Only bros. Please
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 That manual going downhill was sick! That guy's got some.
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 I have a decent amount of Tesla stocks!
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 Doesn’t work!
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 Some of us dont go on YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!! Good job Pinkbike, seems to be going great since ya sold out.

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