Video: Saturday Sends #43

Jan 15, 2022
by Pinkbike Originals  

Get ready to press send.

Saturday Sends is presented by ODI Grips.

Our grips stay on your bike, even if you don’t.


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 Wish we had Monday Mixup, just once even. Fail, send, save- who knows how’s its going to work out!
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 Or like a game the pinkbike staff could play on video to guess which it would be! at home we could make guesses as well to feel like we are playing with them. Under the Video they could put a poll for how many people got right!
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 3-year-olds doing 3-stars and I can't even bring myself to do a no-hander! Haha, awesome.
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 After years of Friday Fails, whenever I watch Saturday sends I always expect a slam and am then pleasantly surprised to see successful landings.
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 Who else came here for the trial scene?
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 I suggest a lot of Friday failers should watch the 'Drops' on here and learn their technique..speed and pull, not slow and flop!
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 yikes! 2:45 with the punji sticks
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 1:50 with some old school BMX moves? Winner.
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 What's wrong with people filming in portrait mode?
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 Sucks to be those nerds.
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 how do i submit videos to this?
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 you just send it.
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 @pipm1: i send what you did there
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 @pipm1: only on a Saturday
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 @bigtim: Sunday Saves are pretty good too.
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 @pipm1: @mikelevy comment gold.. LOL
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 @pipm1: Is it too early for Comment of the Year nominations for 2022?
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 Definitely not the same dudes we saw on Friday
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 I saw the first slomo worth the big wooden jump and it looked exactly like the start of one of last Friday's fails. Except that one was at normal speed.
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 The haircut of the observer at 1:44 should definitely have been included in friday fails!
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 What's all this mail doing in a video? Dudes are sending it!
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 Right after the little kid on green sent it, the rest of the videos were ain’t that impressive…!
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 That kiddo in green shirt just ruined my motivation
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 Saturday Sendday and Friday Failday are my favorite days of the week -weebleswobbles

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