Video: Saturday Sends #9

Apr 3, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

Fridays are for the fails but on Saturdays, we want to celebrate the riders landing large gaps, drops, and tricks. Sit back and enjoy some sends!

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 Saturday after Saturday leaves me stunnend what a ridiculously huge amount of talent (and craziness) there is amongst all these unknown amateur riders out there.
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 Is there anybody in here who is semi-pro out are they all amateur? Pink bike... Is there an amateur rule to post on Saturday? Agreed... Crazy amount of skill out there on the weekend crowd.
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 @Sscottt: This one didn't have many obvious ones, but the previous weeks have featured a lot of pros, to the point that there have even been a couple clips from rampage practice and from huge, sponsor-backed edits that had their own articles on the site. I think there should be an amateur/semi-pro limit on these to celebrate the senders.
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 Should be strictly Bros not Pros. They get plenty of exposure elsewhere.
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 @Tracefunction: Yeah... hard to say, but it was difficult to make it though entire video. I don’t watch pro bike racers or X-games. I can appreciate the skill and training involved, but I just want to see bike/component reviews, Buy/Sell, and weekend warriors on PB. Save the no hands and backflip tricks, and show me some amateur hitting something for the first time.
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 The is a thin line between being featured Friday versus Saturday.
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 Given the magnitude of a lot of those moves, it's more like Friday Fatalities if you bodge it up. All these sends are impressive, but that slo-mo Tunny drop at the end makes me involuntarily pee a little bit. Mad respeckt
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 Hmmm, I think you have to be riding a giant in a 661 helmet to be featured on fridays...
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 @jackalope: I like the idea of Friday Fatalities name for Halloween this year (but... you know... without the actual death part)
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 @jackalope: thanks.
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 Looking forward to the Sunday Sedation video compilations where folk like me can submit footage of us hitting inconsequential features at mediocre speed.
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 I would freakin' dominate that....
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 ...and crashing (me).
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 "yeah man I totally doddled down that warm up trail"
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 young riders today , (under forty ) have no idea how good they really are . I rode in the hills of Marin in the late fifties and the best we could do was survive a downhill run when our brakes failed . forget about high speed turns , riding over huge obstacles and flying off of cliffs .
The skill level of today's riders is off the charts !
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 I'm riding in the hills of Marin in the 2020s and this still describes me, haha.

It's not just young riders who have talent though, much respect for the older doods out there. Yesterday I saw a guy who was probably ~ 60 hit a pretty decent drop directly into a step up with mandatory gap over some fallen trees. My buddy was like 'he's probably gonna be chillin with his grandkids tomorrow for easter... I wonder if they even know how hard their grandpa shreds..."
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 @GrassWhistler: they have features like that in marin?
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 First Kurwa in Saturday Sends ? Smile
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 Anyone got a discount code for those skills?
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 Woodlot repping first clip again! Hell yeah brother!
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 Anyone who has built the skills for these has certainly had their share of fails but I like watch watching the successful amateur attempts much more. Thanks PB.
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 Hey Dale stone
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 I'm just glad it's Saturday and not Friday...
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 @dastone: Saturday FTW!
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 To the guy throwing flat spins at 1:18. What’s it like being friends with Lil Jon?
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 pretty lit lol, i'll show him this comment
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 Monday Mopeds.
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 I propose Wednesday wobbles - a compilation of near misses/lucky saves
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 Watching this I’ve realised that I haven’t hit a new big feature in months. The ones that really scare you until you’ve done it. Been riding in the comfort zone I guess. Saturday sends inspires me to scare myself again.
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 YT just loving that last shot! I gotta say I was too. If you’ve built a bike that someone can send off a huge drop like that successfully, then you deserve your company logo front and center in the frame!
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 Haha. That's me and that bike is awesome and took the Toonie drop no problem. I sadly sold it last week.
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 @TOMALLEY: watched your videos. Can confirm; you’re one Rad Frikken Dude!!
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 Now that was a proper Saturday Sends. Still a few more jump park sequences than I think are appropriate, but much better nonetheless. That front flip was awesome and I assume he landed.
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 Please get rid of this feature, I don’t need a weekly reminder of how much I suck. #triggered
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 I'm pretty sure; It appears @3:13 His sweat pants came down exposing ass cheeks after landing that huge step down. LOL!!!
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 You were watching that closely...why?
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 There is no way in hell I would drop that rock at the end with anyone sitting or standing anywhere near the takeoff. Maybe it's just me!
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 2.26....bottomed out or broke??
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 I get that sound when my rear wheel hits my seat, took me a while to realize what was going on, didn't think my wheel could travel that far.
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 @chamoisbutt: ah, makes sense, I doubt it’ll ever be an issue for me Smile
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 @chamoisbutt: sketchy when that happens.. have you drained the air or removed the spring to get full cycle and check for clearance?
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 More pics of the red scooby wagon pls.
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 My ankles are hurting!
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 0:32 le rivergap de Bromont ca sti !! moi jlai jamais fait.......
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 Is that a young Jack Moir at 2:20 , yeeeeaaaah .
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 Woodhill #2, nice!
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