Video: Scotty Laughland's Summer at Home in Scotland

Dec 27, 2020
by Scott Laughland  

My summer at home, this was the first time in maybe 15 years that I've not travelled anywhere other than Scotland to ride or race my bike.

On my doorstep, I've discovered more trails than ever this summer! Stirling is incredibly accessible from most parts of Scotland and with a diverse mix of trails so I wanted to create a short edit showcasing how lucky I am to live where I do. Editing this for me was a reminder of just how good summer is...


A memorable night spent at the top of Ben Ledi, we'd timed it perfectly arriving at the top as the sun was beginning to set out west over the Arrochar Alps, there wasn't a breath of wind and the sky lit up beautifully.


Dropping off the top of Ben Ledi, looking down over my hometown of Stirling.


Cambusbarron has a real mix of trails, it's a fun place to head for an evening and is incredible easy to lap out.


The last hip on the Cambusbarron, downhill trail, this is a classic in the area and has been there for as long as I've been riding.


Dumyat Hill has been my local go to for the last 15 years of my riding career and today it's still a favourite.

Videography and Photography - Glen Thomson

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 Summer in Scotland seems so long ago. Now in the middle of 4 months of slop. Not really wondering why Reece did so well in the slop. Dumyat and Ledi are outstanding descents.
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 Dunno why you’re getting downvoted, maybe everybody’s salty because it’s true. Scottish off-piste trails look like Leogang a good 90% of the time during winter, so most of us are pretty accustomed to it. Of course, we’re not able to ride as naturally as Reece did in it though! Summer feels like 10 years ago, starting to miss the dry days.
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 "I have a lot of fond memories of last summer. I think it was a tuesday."
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 Nice, at some point before i get too decrepid I intend to get a nice flat bottomed boat and spend a couple of years or more exploring the west coast seeking out thrilling trails and other wonders. Cannae wait!
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 You’d better bring a car too if you fancy these ones, they’re about an hour inland
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 @mashrv1: haha, sod that, no room for one of those contraptions, I’ll stick near the coast & pack a mattock n spade combo instead!
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 Trails look excellent. Summer in Scotland looks like winter in California. Lol.
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 Goodness me Scotland is so beautiful, almost fairytale stuff. It's kinda like Iceland but with more swearing. Right up my alley.
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 looks a mint location....always cool to see Scott riding fast. ahhh those summer nights...bring them back
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 siiick. i love those kinds of trails
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 Anyone else noticed how recently pinkbike is more or less just videos, I understand it means more content, but for most people reading at work. Its a lot harder to get away with watching a video compared to reading an article.
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 Do your job instead of slacking off and it’ll magically become less of an issue
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 @wohwee: Not a bad idea, but I'm mainly commenting on how it has mainly become videos, which is not what a good majority of people want to watch.
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 Thanks to youtubers for creating videos even during off season.
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 scotty scott scotland
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 Sick edit from Scotty~

Makes me want to get out and ride~
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 A Scott on a Scott in Scotland
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 Scotty Scott Scott

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