Video: Searching for Gaps in Rogate Bike Park with Brendan Fairclough & Olly Wilkins

Jul 19, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesBack at Rogate B1kePark, thought this time we would try and discover some secret easter egg bike park gaps that you riders might not have seen before. Of course we had to draft in the help of Odub Wilkins as we needed to see how to ride them normally and then how to access the multiplyer and turbo boost points. Brendan Fairclough


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 Looks like BF is wearing a shoulderless shirt. I can’t unsee it now!
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 at first glance i thought has wearing a dress Wink
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 @vemegen: definitely a dress
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 These challenges, no big deal, I've been riding DMR BF flanged Deathgrips for a couple years now...

Sets beer down; watch this..............
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 Yes! I made this comment on the YouTube vid. Very disturbing.
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 @crustin: What can I say.... You must be Pro like me! [Sets fourth beer down]...Watch this
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 You robbed me of my comment!!!
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 Wllkins for next red bull commentator! His banter is top notch
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 Olly Wilkins for 2021 rampage
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 Them pretending to be shit is me on my best day
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 Yeah I have mixed feelings about them taking the p1ss out of average joe riders... felt overdone after the third or fourth time.
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 Spotted: prototype short-offset Manitou 38 @ 9:04
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 Well spotted.
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 Yup, looks slick
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 High end quality fun and skills. Thanks!!
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 How did Oli crash like that and get nothing happened. So lucky.
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 Not luck takes skill to crash like that & not get hurt!
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 @aljoburr: Watch him go OTB when he rides Nepal with Rob Warner, such a high speed crash and he rolls out of it like a staffy pup.
Maybe his body forms a perfect sphere when in danger, it happens too fast for a GoPro to capture.
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 it was just out of view, but I guess he jumped over the handlebars. That way you don't land face down.
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 I love it when pros turn up and show you what's achievable if you have the skill and a thirst for finding new ways to ride trails.
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 haha so in summary stick to the trail and the main line - I lolled
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 I am sorry but Brandon's jersey looks so strange. From long distance it is like woman's clothes.
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 Brenda Fairclough soon to dominate women's DH..
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 Lesson: wear a FF when pushing it.
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 36 COMMENTS but only 28 here?
What happened to other 8 comments?
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 Top drawer lads! #stopdropandroll
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 Yogate Progate Brogate!
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 wash yo' teeth wiv Colgate
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 @IrishTom: In San Fran we gap the gold-gate
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 they don't even like biking at all. they're just always bummed.
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