Video: Seaside Trials with Danny MacAskill

Jun 4, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Danny MacAskill is celebrating his switch to Adidas clothing with this trials and enduro edit filmed in Glencoe and Dunbar. Danny will be working with Adidas for apparel but stays part of the Endura family for helmet, gloves and protection.

bigquotes"Danny MacAskill x adidas Outdoor: Welcome to the Family” announces my new partnership with adidas Outdoor after having been partnered with Five Ten for almost a decade. I had so much fun getting creative in the scottish sun on the mountain 'Buachaille Etive Beag' near Glenncoe and in and around the turquoise waters of Dunbar harbour. We lucked out with the weather big time! I hope you enjoy the video!Danny MacAskill

Photos: adidas Outdoor / Dave Mackison


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 That bail from the roof would have broken both legs and ankels on most people!
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 full dead for me.
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 I would have also been crippled by crash over the deer fence stile. In the alternate universe where I could make it that far of course...
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 Another banger video from Danny MadSkills. I turned the volume up until the music hurt.
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 Fair play , he's got amazing technique of falling!
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 "Wow that draw bridge would make a perfect ramp for a backflip". Danny Mac - gigantic front flip to flat.
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 I think that's the first time I've ever uttered an involuntary "F@ck off!" while watching a riding edit. The distance!
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 @oldmanfalling: it's really therapeutic, do it more often
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 Huck to flat is his middle name.
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 @chyu: Adam Brayton must be calling his lawyer by now for copyright infringement.
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 Who knew you could make such a dynamic video with all static shots?! Awesome.
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 Exactly. Really nice editing.
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 That start drop.

Me: 3 foot drop. Backs up 50 yards. Nope still to close :/
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 Always amazed at his riding, but am I the only one wondering about the story behind the foot bridge over what looks like an old canal that's in the middle of the water now?
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 This is the only relevant info I could find in my 5min search. Seems the land mass in the area has deteriorated for a while now. Maybe someone else can confirm.

"Causes of beach lowering at Dunbar, Eastern Scotland, UK"
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 Hi, Dunbar local here. The bridge goes over a river, however when the tide comes in the bridge is isolated. It’s in Belhaven bay and it’s dubbed ‘The Bridge to Nowhere’. For you Americans out there, Dunbar is also where John Muir was born!

The other beach you mention is on the other side of Dunbar. Over a number of years the sand have been transported away from the beach through natural processes.

*Flies away
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 its a herber
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 @samanual: Oh. I thought that, like, a hundred years ago some local prophecy spoke of 'digital cameras' and 'trials pennyfarthings' and some chosen one that would come and need a location that looked great in his 'edit' so it was built in preparation for His arrival. Or perhaps I've had too much wee heavy.
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 @number44: it's a phenomenon called Ocean Carbon Frame and Hoop Overflow.
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 Is Addidas some fake version of Adidas because he should not be working with them. (Or the proof readers here at PB are shocking)
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 Somehow I feel Endura was a better fit for him. It just suits his roots. Just like I always felt Steve Peat should be riding Hope brakes on his Orange bikes even when he did so well on these Santa Cruz bikes with the SRAM or Shimano package.
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 I appreciate you considering my time and the video length by "overdubbing" 4 tricks in to one shot. But I have to watch every trick 5 times to figure out whats going on which means I had to watch 2:10-2:15 20 times. Not complaining just trying to help save on your FX budget.
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 Wow....Danny is always smiling. Go Danny
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 That guy just loves to ride! Awesome to see!
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 I think his face is just stuck like that
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 @skylerd: keep him off a bike for a week and I think he might look a little bit unhappy
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 There is a typo in the first paragraph on the word Adidas. I find it easy to spell by remembering a little acronym: All Day I Dream About Snickers.
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 *Sneakers Wink
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 All Day I Dream About Shredding Wink
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 Addidas are German so they make Laufschuhe, sneakers are Nikke.
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 After Dinner I Did A Shit
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 I’m with Killer Mike and Big Boi on this one
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 All Day I Dream About Sex
  • 5 1
 Apprising Danny I Drank a Schlitz
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 Made my day while'st sitting here in cube land wishing I was on my bike, this adulting thing is highly over rated.
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 holy sh*t. classic Danny MacAskill always delivers!
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 Shot over 12 years to get a full edit with only blue skies ????
Well done Danny, another beautiful sesh!
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 My knees hurt after just watching that! Awesome!!
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 Well 5 10 are not as good now that Adidas got their brand on it, even the rubber soles are not as good, they took something great & made it shit?
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 Obviously amazing, but I was kinda hoping he would 180 between the rails on that bridge in the water, like on the train tracks... :-)
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 I guess he tried, just didn't work out:
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 Hey !! Kudos to ADIDAS I hope He's Getting PAID Very well, He is such a Joy to Watch do Does Trick !!! : )
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 You would be able to come visit me at the hospital after I attempted any of what was filmed. Danny's got skills... Lots of them.
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 I think I saw Warner in adidas clothing in some vid the other day. Didn't realise they had gotten into mtb clothing.
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 Not the first time they tried, I bought some in the late 90s.
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 Claw is also sponsored by them iirc.
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 There is a TLD - adidas special edition, warner probably was wearing that one i guess (just like brendog at rampage)
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 Think that is the TLD/Adidas collaboration....
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 Brendog for a good while now as well. I think they have always owned five ten so have always been around in the sport really.
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 I thought Hans Rey used to ride in their clothing. So they've been into this for a good while. And of course they've been into eyewear (glasses and goggles) for fifteen years at least, considering what the riders in The Collective were wearing.
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 @Radley-Shreddington: If by "always" you mean since 2011... Five ten was founded in 1985 as a climbing shoe company, started making MTB shoes in 2000.
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 @robwhynot: Always in the sense of as long as they have sponsored Danny Mac. But thanks for the lesson, my life is now complete.
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 Adidas owns 5.10...
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 Yes. Since end of 2011. I was surprised to find out about that a few months ago.
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 Great video it just looks like he needs a camera man so he doesn’t have to come back to the camera all the time! Frown
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 It's just an act (that they've overused this time) – it's a professional camera with the operator behind it, they just asked Danny to pretend to set it up.
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 Definitely does not "gotta be the shoes"
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 Amazing vid Smile nice to see sum of my local scenery in sunny dunny
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 Divine Comedys Neil Hannon on the sound track again ? Great vid
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 Amazing video, but when will the millennial whoop music end? please just end.
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 Ok Boomer
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 Sabbath, Zep, clash, N.W.A, Dylan, Beatles, Nirvan... were all someone's ukulele woop music
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 Another amazing Danny edit!
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 Anyone else want to see a Macaskill and Akrigg combo edit?
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 Danny and Jackie Chan have a lot in common.
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 Fantastic video, once I muted it and changed to my own music of choice Wink
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 splendid my man
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 Money talks.
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 Yeah how is this not a MUST WATCH. that was amazing
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 danny the deity
  • 1 0
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 Almost as bad as Trek with the logo bomb. We get it. A D I D A S

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