Video: Selling Out - Dirt Diaries, Crankworx Whistler 2015

Aug 12, 2015
by Cory Tepper  
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 I am not disappointed, except in Charlie's race results, as always.
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 Pretty incredible video to make Lopes seem likable. The degree of difficulty on that is off the charts.
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 This is the role that Lopes was born to play.
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 Seriously, who knew that guy had a sense of humor
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 I can't believe I liked those IG photos... Team Robot sucks
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 Everyone knows team Robot Sucks blog on the internet though Smile
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 This shit is good. How can you not like a guy who has his opinions, vocalizes them in clever and entertaining ways, and makes fun of himself harder than anyone else. I know it's supposed to be this sarcastic and edgy mtb introspective, but its a damn breath of fresh air in comparison to the freeride bro circlejerk. At least with Charlie I imagine you could carry on some interesting conversation. Biking is fun, so it's good to see a cool dude poke some fun at it in the spotlight.
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 1.04 - Still looks like a Trek Session...
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 Please send me that pizza if you aren't going to eat it.
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 Dude, the sniffs are all gone... it's RUINED
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 The only thing missing was Q Lazzarus' "Good By Horses," playing in the background when Chaz was dancing in the mirror.,
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 Gota love team robot! Had all of whistler laughing. Almost feel bad for remi
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 Charlie needs to learn to love himself, and then everything will truly be alright.
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 No, he doesn't. Go kill yourself.
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 This makes me hate where the sport is going even more. Industry is wack
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 It's kinda like what surfing went through in the mid to late eighties, with the industry selling the image in city centres...
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 Wash your feet you Hobbit!
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 So awesome.
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 What did I just watch...
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 The best mtb flick ever made
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 "you think I'm really ready for the bigtime?" "Uh, no." Hilarious! Great vid!
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 Wow. Targeting all the obvious mountain bike clichés. This is so fresh. Like an Lipton ice tea. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Frankly, I expected a lot more from someone who targets the weak and then savages their videos worse than Tom Cruise likely plundered the Dawson Creek fish taco stand on a Tuesday night 10 years back after his Bo-flex session.

That was so cliché.
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 today is like a buffet of awesome thematic videos. VIVA crankworx!!!
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 Dissent labs sponsorship must be coming soon.
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