Video: Sending Jumps At Dyfi Bike Park with Rachel Atherton

Jun 13, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesA mega chilled session on 50 Hits jump line, Affy boosts so high its ridiculous watching the man Dan Atherton ride! Wow! I love riding with my brothers but Geeman hurt his shoulder in a crash!

I finally pluck up the courage to ride clips again and it is....amazing! My riding is so much more controlled on Clips! Olly tests the Atherton 150mm trail bike..... a super fun, chilled day.
Rachel Atherton


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 Congrats on the recovery. Nothing like getting back to what feels like home.
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 Crazy that someone who rides for a living still hoots and hollers with joy when she’s feelin it
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 Dan Atherton; such a decent rider
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 Yep - we don't see enough of him really
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 Similar style to Bendawg but more playful. A pleasure to watch!
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 Thanks for that one. The Atherton family is one class act.
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 Dyfi looks amazing!
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 some seriously nice trail building going on recently by the looks of it, cant wait to go back and ride the new stuff
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 There is loads of awesome riding in Dyfi outside of the Atherton bike park too. Well worth a visit if you haven't been before.
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 Its awesome. Well worth a visit. Great food there too. Breakfast wrap is a winner. 1st time I went Rachel was sat in a space boot on the desk checking people in. Really cool to see her back riding. Affy offered to follow me down... I declined, hes a rocket ship. His boosting is ridiculous. Looking forward to getting back up there once things settle.
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 The way pros put corners together is just so satisfying to watch. Float in then slingshot out.
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 Anyone seen an Atherton bike in the wild?
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 That is what I am wondering too. Seems like it is taking a while to release the bikes.
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 @tacklingdummy: they’ve sold quite a bit. Most buyers are in EU.

It’s the same reason why you don’t really see Saracen, Unno, antidote, etc in the states. It’s way easier to buy an intense, Santa Cruz, trek, specialized.
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 I keep checking my garage for one. No luck yet.
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 They are growing on me, maybe my new bike in a year or two, three......or four?!
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Not sure about that. Atherton Bikes website has no obvious route to actually buying a bike it just sells hoodies. Neither does it any distributors of any sort.

I'm in the UK and I've never seen one in the wild The only time I did see one was on the Atherton Bikes display stand at the 2019 Fort William world cup.

If they are looking to make a go'er of a new bike brand then why make it so hard to buy one?
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 @GregorFuk: I don't think they have the production capacity yet to produce a steady supply of them. If they're making them from the 3D printed Ti lugs and carbon tubes they'd need several very expensive AM machines and a decent size facility with staff. I'm fairly sure that they're still quite small scale atm - barely out of prototyping.

Because they're using this novel method they can't just place a fat order with a factory in Taiwan and get hundreds of frames made and shipped over in a container. They're doing things quite differently to the status quo and it means they have to start from the ground up.
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 @GregorFuk: Rach mentioned on a previous video that they still have availability of the initial 50 and if interested that you need to mail them.
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 @GregorFuk: you need to DM Or email the atherton directly. That was the same way when I bought my Antidote Dark Matter. I had to do both to get any info.
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 That was pure joy
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 It was infectious. Sitting here grinning for her.
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 Rewatch the Levy/ Gee video so good. Make a Rachy version with Kaz
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 Really interesting watching how differently the pros manage fear and pain. It's just so matter of fact and removed.
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 So great to see. Rachel is so right...this sport is the best feeling in the world!
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 Rachel is so positive, so fun to watch.
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 Great to see And hear a top rider (or three or four) having such a good time. I wonder if we'll see and Atherton bike or even an Atherton themselves at an EWS?
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 What a family!
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 Why is there no dirt in Britain? Everything is made of compacted gravel/shale.
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 Wales is just shale and slate ????
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 Dan fly like bird
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 Loved that
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 Claudio are you watching this. Bite your lip please :-P
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