Video: Sending Wild Drops & Chutes on Russian Mountains

Oct 10, 2021
by Petr Vinokurov  

Film by Petr Vinokurov
FPV: Artem Kalashnikov
Camera: Artem Kuznetsov
Edit: Andrey Burylov
Photography: Aleksandr Raw, Nikita Pershin

I returned to the Elbrus region at the end of August to jump that huge drop on Cheget from last year. I jumped many times to remember these feelings because gaps of this size are not so often seen in Russia. I really like to build them in different regions and I want them to stay there for a long time.




On the 4th day of filming, it was decided to gain 1,500 meters a very tough landscape. I had to climb with the bike on huge stones under the cliff in the hope that she would not throw a couple of stones on me!

Thanks to my sponsors for supporting such projects! We tried hard and did everything we planned.

Location: Russia, KBR, Elbrus region

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 There are so many incredible landscapes and riders around the world, it's honestly just cool to see something other than the 5 dudes from BC shredding the same (super sick, granted) trails over and over again.
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 Russia is a beautiful country with so much potential! Sad that it's wasted because its run by a clique of oligarchs.
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 Russia is a beautiful country with so many powerful and influential leaders running it. All hail Putin and the Internet Research Agency. Please don't kill me.
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 USA is a beautiful country, sad that it's wasted because is run by the mega corporations Smile Life in US is probably 4 times more convenient, but the general idea is the same - most people are just puppets and a few have so much money that they can do what they want. The only difference is that US citizens believe they are free, and russians know they are not but give a sh*t.
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flag withdignityifnotalacrity (Oct 10, 2021 at 7:30) (Below Threshold)
 @lkubica: the wise man bowed his head solemnly and spoke: "there's actually zero difference between good & bad things. you imbecile. you f*cking moron"
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 Vodka Rampage coming soon.
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 @lkubica: Hi, Poland. Well its better than a far-right government that jails athletes who don't perform well at the Olympics, completely banned abortion, jails gay and trans people and has slightly more open xenophobes and white supremacists.

We have southern Utah, China has the Gobi Desert.

You win some, you lose some.
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 @scott-townes: by the way, the famous freeride part of the Gobi Desert is occupied by China and native Uyghur nation is heavily suppressed.

There are many freeride zones in the world to discover. For example, Ustyurt Plateau in Kazakhstan with elevations up to 300 m and different kinds of dirt and slopes. Several Russian freeriders filmed there a bit, but I think there's still a lot of uncharted terrain
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 @krin-nsk: oooh that reminds me a lot of Green River. Soooo nice.
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 @scott-townes: "its better" xddddddd
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 @urkel: you should send this idea to RedBull, i like it Smile
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 Thanks man!
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 @Vinokurov: Well done! That spill was gnarly man. We’re you lucky enough to only get bruised?
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 @Vinokurov: yo nice riding!!
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 This is fake! He is not running a Super Monster T, therefore he is not a real Russian!
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 you are right. this is full susp, not a hardtail, so it's fake Smile

@Vinokurov давай в след раз на хардтейле с монстром и 24
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 Petr crashing on the slope and then looking up to see the rocks flying down at him - that shot was so gnarly!
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 Wow. That made me reminisce a bit. Reminded me of going to do an alpine scramble plus I brought my DH bike. Russia has been holding out...that was gorgeous. It's refreshing to see someone ride a bike in a way that looks like it is completely just for fun and how they want to. That road gap was hairy, but I really enjoyed just the ripping along down the off roads and all the scenery. That big glacial slab was nuts too. Great video.
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 Yeah!!! That rocks!!! Give us more!
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 That glacier was full of washouts and ruts
Seems He’s had to have hit that before
Still pretty impressive and must take some serious concentration
and a bit a luck
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 DABAI CYKA! Russia and freeride go hand in hand i think. It would be nice to see the sport grow over there.
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 Он просто сломал скалы и пошёл пить кофе...
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 Пётр, конечно удивил. Масштабы в плане езды и ландшафта впечатляют ! За работу пилота коптера отдельный плюсик !
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 That was awesome. Some of the colour grading was a bit dark but a pleasure to watch.
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 [Cyrillic]F*CK YEAH![/Cyrillic]
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 Blya da
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Prosto pizdec
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 That copter pilot sure knows how to fly. Well done, some of the best aerial shots I've seen so far.
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 That was awesome! The first shot surprised me with a bike all of the sudden exploding out of a cloud of dust as the drone flew past! Had to watch that again.
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 Incredible camera shots and sick riding!
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 Great shots and riding!
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 wonder if the fpv pilot is related to the ak legend micahl.
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 Wow - epic scenery & riding!!!
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 Kona needs to send this dude to rampage!!
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 This is sick to watch even without the riding, the drone work is so good, no annoying hard to follow spinning nonsense.
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 Enjoyed this one - very jealousSmile
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 In russia they have *vodka bottle mounts
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 Go Pyotr go!!
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 Thank you for providing some great content from the Red State!
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 Looks awesome and man can those guys can ride fast.
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 Third photo down is pic of the year!
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 Петя, это ВЕЛИКолепно! Любим тебя.
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 Didn't know V Putin was so hardcore!
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 Epic looking mountains. Great riding! Really really good drone footage!
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 the name is Bond...
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 Sick riding!!!

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