Video: Sessioning Backyard Jumps in British Columbia

Jan 24, 2020
by Liam Morgan  
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Earlier this week, riding in Victoria came to an abrupt stop due to a big dump of snow and drop in temperature. For a mountain biker, the days are cold, dark, and drab. It is at times like these that we find ourselves looking back at the long, warm, summer days when the spirits were high, the sessions seemed endless, and the trails were running mint.

photo by Max Barron
Photo: Max Barron

On June 15th, 2019, Cole Nichol invited a talented lineup of Vancouver Island riders to his backyard compound in Victoria, BC for a session on his slope line. This one was definitely for the books!

photo by tbeardmre
Photo: @tbeardmre

Luke Fulton, Lewis Seagram, Dillon Butcher, James Davidson, Jordie Lunn, Calvin Huth, and Cole Nichol



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 This made with soul, wanna see more of this kind of vids. Just regular day at dirt spot. Reminds good'ol days of mine. No super high definitions, no slo-mos, just a good riding day with best friends. Not too much of sick tricks and those super crazy spins you sick to count, but sweet whips an old school tabletops though. LOVED IT! Keep on!
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 i love this comment a lot.
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 @tobiusmaximum: I agree with your comment !
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 Less is definitely more!!
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 @tobiusmaximum: Yeah same, reminds me of a mis spent youth building/sessioning jumps and trails with mates! Damn I hate being an adult with responsibilities
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 favorite edit I've seen in a while, music selection was on point.
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 "get a bunch o' bikes and ride em around wid ya friends. its the shit"
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 "we gotta put that Mase song in from 98".

"Seriously? But Wu Tangs for the kids"
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 Yes! Pinkbike needs lots more content like this. Go back to the roots.
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 RIP Jordie
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 More of this, reminds me of Aptos edits.
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 Great work fellas! Loved the old school chill vibe.
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 ishod the god!
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 Dope. Everything about it.
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 Reminds me of old skate vids I grew up on. Awesome vid!
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 this is excellent. really makes me miss jumping
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 This is the sh*t! So good.
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 This is Sick! makes me want to go out and hit some jumps
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 Wifey is at the GZA show tonight and I am watching this... Win-win!

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