Video: 7 of the Best Sprint Finishes from XC World Cups

Apr 24, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesSometimes a Cross-Country Mountain Bike race gets decided at the very start, sometimes the winner is known halfway through & sometimes the race becomes an all-out sprint till the finish line. Thrilling battles that rarely end more than a bike length apart cause so much excitement they sometimes find their way into the history books, our in this case - a Youtube video.

00:14​ Annika Langvad vs Jolanda Neff in Nove Mesto (CZE), 2018
01:49​ Sam Gaze vs Nino Schurter in Stellenbosch (RSA), 2018
03:28​ Evie Richards vs Pauline Ferrand-Prevot in Nove Mesto (CZE), XCC Race 1, 2020
05:11​ Nino Schurter vs Anton Cooper in Nove Mesto (CZE), 2018
06:25: Pauline Ferrand-Prevot vs Jolanda Neff in Val di Sole (I), 2019
07:56: Evie Richards vs Pauline Ferrand-Prevot in Nove Mesto (CZE), XCC Race 2 2020
09:50​ Nino Schurter vs Julien Absalon in Albstadt (DE), 2016
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 Unreal, so many good finishes. The power that Langvad casually put down to close the gap on an out-of-the-saddle sprinting Neff was astonishing
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 Finally a pb video that isn’t a “sick edit”. Thank you XC!
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 Evie Richards in a battle frenzy is something to behold Eek
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 For sure. One of the riders I am most excited about watching this year.
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 @Superburner: Gonna be great racing. I love watching the lengths tempo riders will go to over the course of a race to avoid that lethal final sprint with an all-out cheetah like Evie.
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 @50percentsure: You are right. Pauline was really dominant last year so it was great when Evie showed up and got the better of her in some races. Highly entertaining. I would like to see Tom Pidcock do the same in Men’s Elite. I think he will.
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 I’m just a poor boy from a poor family
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 Watching this really makes me want to get another XC bike, even though the trails around me are much more trail or enduro. A man of my crap handling skills would probably endo and break more bones than I already have so far. It would be like buying an Audi R8 when all your friends and neighbours have Jeep Wranglers parked in their dirt driveways.
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 Short travel trail bike, been a barrel full of monkeys compared to the previous long travels I've had. Turns out breathing through your eyeballs climbing is fun when it gets you there with the front pack.
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 Watched Saturday Sends while thinking about the ride I'll do today. Then I clicked this and now I want to get out on the XC bike and mash some climbs! Strava daily podium on local climbs - here I come!
  • 7 0
 Gaze is riding faster uphill than the average Pinkbike-user is riding downhill!
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 If the professor had one of these riders to power his bamboo pedal inventions, gilligan’s island would look have looked like Times Square. So much power coming from skin and bones is amazing.
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 Most bizarre analogy ever award...yet true. lol
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 The big question is....when does the fantasy league open this year?! I need to be considering my team in advance of the first race and these kinda decisions can't be made hastily.
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 Those were actually quite entertaining.Both theXC men and women are animals! Watching them reminds me of why I never really enjoyed riding with my xc racer friends!
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 I'm looking forward to the season!
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 Amazing finishes.
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 I remember watching all these in real time.... good times!
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 Had forgotten Absalon spinning out his small range Shimano drive train and losing the sprint to Nino.
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 This was the moment when Shimano started to consider 1X12 could be a game changer Absalon woudn't have lost this race with a Sram K7
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 Langvad is a monster!
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 True grit right there. My legs Hurt watching!
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 Haha, so true. I could almost feel the lactic acid swirling around when they collapse back onto the saddle after the sprints. Really Mad
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 Are we just going to pretend that Men’s XCO2 at Nove Mesto didn’t happen in 2020?

This list is nonsense without it.
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 That was quite the finish, that's for sure!
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 Probably the most emotional XCO WC finish in history. Someone needs to re-edit the video Smile
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 Great sports!!
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 gaxe iz a beast
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 I miss this... can't wait for the season to start again!!!!
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