Video: Shaking Out the Dust at EWS Val di Fassa's Shakedown Day

Jun 21, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

bigquotesIt's the first race of the 2021 season and the pros were out in force in Val Di Fassa, Italy. And what better way to dust off the long off-season? Shakedown Day!Enduro World Series


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 Jack moir is looking very fast
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 Could not agree more. He’s been training like crazy (from what it looks like in his videos). Dude is so cool, too. I can imagine him being a threat.
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 First thing that sprung to mind watching the vid as well. Jack looks super fast, hope he smashes it in the race.
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 But the guy just goes after him in that turn even more... sorry.
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 More raw footage like this please.
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 Look at that fancy paintjob on Cole's Ripmo
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 Can we see some raw footage of the new WeAreOne bike?
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 Yes please!
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 EWS Racing! Lots of big names together for what should be a full season, for the first time in a few years. I'm excited to see how it all shakes out.
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 Last time I rode in Italy I went to Canazei. It's absolutely great. Hope to get there this year, if that pesky virus calms down
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 Went there two weeks after EWS in 2019. it was great but jeez we’re those tracks blown out
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 That mech breaking off is a season-ender these days, heal up fast!
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 Hey how do you guys set up your bikes for these sort of fast tracks with lots of relatively small, shaky, bumps? I currently have not so much air pressure, lots of volume tokens and LSC way open with a fast rebound running about 21psi front and 24psi back on EXO casings with a rear cushcore. Sounds about right or has someone a different experience?
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 Yes, but also no.
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 That's ace! I've got another 2 years before my lad can race ews then I'll try not to break to many bones riding sone of these too.
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 Needs more whistles... Loving seeing some Enduro again!
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 Sam on the Mega...
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 I wonder how many people rewound the video for that. I did. And he was hauling.
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 And Sam Hill on Mega not Giga Wink
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 is it me or were the Scott bikes a little too rattly/noisey?
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 they're xc bikes dressed up as enduro rigs
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 A shaky start of the season!
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 Did the very last clip with Jack Moir confuse anyone else?
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 Wow. Was that a backhander at the DH racers
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 Not at all! DH is often not groomed tracks either. Regardless, they are different disciplines and if a DH race is on a groomed bike park track then it is somewhat expected. Enduro is expected to be janky back country racing.
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 Trails look mint! So happy that enduro is back.
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