Video: Shifting Mindset with Taylor Lideen

Nov 23, 2022
by Pivot Cycles  

Pivot athlete Taylor Lideen is a pro endurance cyclist based in Bella Vista, AR. In 2018 Lideen set the new course record at the iconic 24 Hours in Old Pueblo race that takes place in Tucson, Arizona. This race became an obsession for Lideen, and he was motivated to push the limits of what’s possible once again by attempting to break his own record in 2019. He fell short. After failing to reach his goal, Lideen had to maneuver through the onslaught of emotion that followed with not achieving something he’d worked so hard for. After facing trials and tribulations, Lideen committed to attempting the record again in February 2021, and this time he was looking forward to bringing a completely reconstructed mindset to the starting line.

Due to the pandemic, OP was once again canceled just a month out of race day and rescheduled for 2022. Again, Lideen was at the peak of a long training block and his hopes to set the record straight at this race had been crushed, but he wouldn’t let that debilitate him. Lideen shifted his sights to the competitive Arizona Trail 300-mile FKT, an arduous effort that he wanted to attempt in the near future. Almost unbelievably, Lideen went down hard during a training ride prior to the attempt and suffered some major injuries that required surgery and a long recovery. Prior to the crash, Lideen was going through one of the worst mental health episodes of his life, which once again brought up questions for him and his long-term well-being. Fast forward to now and Lideen got a huge win at Unbound Gravel XL, moved to Arkansas and is now training for 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo this coming February 2023. He is once again ready to tell his story...

Shifting Mindset highlights Lideen’s evolving mindset towards racing and life. His competitive spirit to win hasn’t changed, but instead he’s constantly working to leave behind his destructive mindset toward what it means to be successful on a bicycle and in life. The film includes a proper introduction to Lideen and how his racing career came to be, a look into Mary Lideen (Taylor’s wife) and the major role that she plays in his success and exposes Taylor’s struggles with mental health in the hopes of positively affecting others dealing with the similar circumstances.

Directed and Produced by: Dylan Harris // @spiritofdylan //
Director of Photography: Ethan Hill // @ethanbhill //
Edited by: Dylan Harris & Ethan Hill
Athlete: Taylor Lideen // @tlideen //


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 Gosh. This was so good. More stories like this in the bike space. Thanks Taylor and Dylan for making this happen.
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 What a real thing to mind is to big for is body ,there are some fortunate ones that can accomplish both ,but in the end they are limited to their minds ,it’s a beautiful world enjoy the little things cause in the end they are gonna be the ones that you will miss living a fast life ,take care “friend “,it’s hard but just don’t give yourself to much of a big deal ,cause your life only means something to the one who really love you ,and that my friend is sometimes put aside for our on stupid pride ,it’s not easy but in the same way don’t try to hard ,take care
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 I had no idea they still held 24 hour races. They were all the rage like 20 years ago, but just seemed to slip away.

Anyway, people don’t realize the types of problems these ultra endurance athletes have with heart arrhythmia and all that. I hope he gets it all sorted out.
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 The #24hop sells out every year within hours of being able to register for the race. It’s a huge race in Arizona and the western US in general.
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 Taylor, thanks for having the courage to talk about mental health. It makes a difference to a lot of people to know they aren’t alone and shouldn’t be afraid to get help.
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 This is fantastic. Insightful and very well produced. Find joy in the process...the result is never guaranteed, and whether a result is achieved or not is heavily influenced by chance.

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