Video: Shredding Dusty Trails with Luna The Trail Dog

Oct 18, 2020
by Bikologi  
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If you’ve ever met Luna, you’d get it. Equal parts shop dog, trail assassin, and land shark, Luna lives for the good things in life - endless singletrack, a good meal, and stick. I mean, let’s be real, don’t we all?

Dog: Luna
Human: Brian Sweat

Shot by: Ben Dann
Edited by: Brian Sweat
Photos by: Max Ritter and Katie Lozancich

Presented by Bikologi


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 dogs scrubbing jumps in slow motion are the best thing ever
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 2020 seems to be the year of the Trail Dog edit, and it might be the best part of 2020.
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 “Luna the roost eater.” I had a golden that followed CLOSE behind like Luna, (whose face was always covered in roost) — some dogs love to “trailgate” even if it occasionally results in a nose-bonk to the rear tire =P
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 luna scrubs better than me...
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 My DDR comes on a lot of my rides. He does great until he starts getting tired, he decides its time to slow the pace, then he gets in front of me and tries to keep me from passing so he can set the pace.
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 until someone does this with a trail cat,....meh.
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 You mean a cougar following 6 feet behind? That would be an exiting video!
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 @WRCDH: whoever does this, come to Utah, we've got both kinds of cougars on the trails here. Should be able to outrun the human one at least!
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 @ryd-or-die: LOL, yup a few years ago a Cali cougar visiting the PNW liked me and my riding and practically dragged me by my neck back to her cougar den. Still friends to this day =P
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 @bikebasher: yep, alternatively, like this as well -->
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 So Good! rad work Ben and Brian, and thanks for the super scrub lessons Luna!
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 man i needed that! sitting here one week out from UCL thumb surgery (slippery santos wooden berm be damned!) and that vid made me smile and laugh. hard watching this awesome fall georgia weather but no riding for me for a bit. what a fun dog!
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 Good GIRL!!!
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 Love Luna's contribultion there at the end. "No work, no ride!" ????
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 Scrubs, style and does trail maintenance!? Luna’s the bomb.
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 My dog is fast AF but he goes around the jumps. I mean, even more often than I do...
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 You forgot trail builder too. She was obliviously clearing that root from the trail. Secondly I dont know what breeds are mixed to make luna but shes a crazy looking puppy.
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 Good times.
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 I know those guys!
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 Ben Dann! And Brian and Luna!? ????
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 Luna for prez.
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 Great work - so cool to see Luna dog on PB!
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 Which breed is it?
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 She's a catahoula leopard dog.
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 Scrubby Puppy! Very Cool.
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 Gettin it buddy!
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 Shredding. Please use this word more to describe average things.
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