Video: Tyler McCaul, Joey Foresta, Tom Isted, & Joey Gough on the New GT Force 29 in ‘Speed Metal’

Aug 2, 2019
by GT Bicycles  

Speed Metal! Tyler McCaul, Joey Foresta, Tom Isted and Joey Gough unleash the new Force 29 on their home turf. From huge backcountry lines in Utah to big hits at Black Mountains Cycle Centre in the UK, watch ‘em turn the mountain into their personal speed metal show. #feedyourlts #srslyfun

We’ve taken the podium proven Force platform, given it a bulletproof alloy frame, optimized it for 29” wheels and tuned it for riders who want to crank the fun dial up to 11. The new Force 29 will turn local enduros, alpine descents and the bike park into its very own mosh pit.

TMac and Joey Foresta unleashing the Force 29 in their natural habitat. The Force 29 comes with 150mm rear wheel travel and a 170mm fork.

To learn more about the Force 29 lineup visit


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 Freeride lines, metal, GT bikes, Bomber forks—it's like I'm a kid again. More videos like this, please!
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 Yup, what this guy said.
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 not a fan of those sideby side vertical split screen segments
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 dry dusty Utah vs Uk trails...had to, although i was slightly expecting a shreddit with all them together...damn Miss Joey rocks!
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 These are awful... I wanted to watch both at the same time but could watch neither...
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 What is the difference between metal and speed metal? Like where is the line drawn? What is an example of a speed metal band?
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 Metallica's debut album Kill 'Em All is a quintessential speed metal album. There's pretty heavy crossover between speed and thrash metal. Judas Priest's album Stained Class is a great, straight up metal album. Although even that has the proto-speed metal song Exciter on it.
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 @ScandiumRider: this guy metals.
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 Motorhead is a good example. Speed Metal is different than Thrash, Math, Death, Grind, or Black Metal, however.
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 One conserves momentum at relativistic velocities, the other conserves momentum at more pedestrian velocities.
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 @ScandiumRider: name checks out as a metal resource
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 Speed metal tends to be kinda sleazy, kinda drug-y (yeah, that kind of "speed"), kinda satan-y. It's got roots in NWOBHM (new wave of British heavy metal) and is sort of a less punk-influenced precursor to thrash. Metal subgenres are always a bit loose and hard to pin down, but to give you an idea, here are some of my favorite speed metal albums: Venom - "Welcome to Hell," Midnight - "Satanic Royalty," Motorhead - "Ace of Spades," Speedwolf - "Speedwolf," and Nuke - "Nuke"
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 @ScandiumRider: Kill 'em All is one of the first thrash metal albums. The key difference between speed and thrash being the influence of hardcore punk (see all the early Metallica photos wearing Misfits and GBH t-shirts). However, hardcore was influenced by speed, so some see thrash as merely an evolution of speed.
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 Awesome to see Joey shredding in the mix.
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 Cool vid an all... but do people really put caps on as soon as they get up?
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 That is probably a clause in the sponsorship deal.
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 if you have to ask...
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 The do when they’re the greatest
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 It’s possible that he sleeps with it on. If so, the answer to your question is no.
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 Yeh joey for being such a shredder. Can’t believe you’ve got so far with riding even though you live in Norfolk. Land reclaimed from the sea. Keep on sending.
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 Wow. GT. Get after it.
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 Love the video and dig the bike but in the beginning it kindaaaa sounded like I was going to get a Rush song and got all like giddy...RAMFB
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 Looks much better with 29s, looks balanced.
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 Badass! Loved every second
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 We now know that the rear brake works very well.
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 gawd that was epic
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