Video: Simplicity & Beauty of Riding Home Dirt in Vernon, British Columbia

Apr 20, 2019
by Jackson Parker  
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Jacob is back home for a couple of weeks after being across the globe for the first two rounds of the EWS. He and I set out to a classic Vernon trail to catch up with each other. No fancy editing, no music... there's a unique beauty to simplicity.

Hero dirt and a cool temperature. Perfect spring conditions in Vernon!

Jacob in the green room

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 Massive props to NOCS for all the work they've done on their trail network =
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 @leelau Definitely! They’re super on it!
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This is Noble Canyon. It is maintained by a small group of friends. I'm just mentioning this so credit is given where credit is do.

Shredb4dead myself built SOS (with help from our PB dirtbag friends)
NOCS did pay for some signage.

XB and Pureadrenilin : Baconator

We are happy with out to much organised bike club out there as that way as we have little to no red tape.

PS. More trail's in Noble coming soon to the PB app.
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 @vernonjeff: @shredb4dead @xb @Pureadrenilin thanks for all the work. The trails are immaculate. Didn't want to mention Noble Canyon due to the quasi down-low nature of that network but glad to see the excellence of those trails shown
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 Thanks man really appreciate your time and work! Noble is sweet!@vernonjeff:
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 @clear-glass-media: We love doing it.
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 Great riding and sweet looking trail. Most importantly it was a awesome edit. No slow mo and no replays of the same trick or corner ten times in a row. Oh yea no shitty dub step tech music.
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 Awesome riding! Super precise lines! That’s how a mountainbike video should look like!
RAW 100???
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 One of the better clips in the past few months. Dude is so fucking fast it's mental. Proper BC riding
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 Thanks! @myfriendgoose:
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 That was really rather good!
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 @Dav82 Thank you!
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 The acoustics are the best. Sometimes it is better with no music.
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 @tacklingdummy Nothing better sounding than a dialed bike on yummy loam!
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 But seriously, what bike was that? Carbon, Ali? Wheelsize? Flats or Clips? Fit4 or Grip2? Or, was it a Lyrik RC2? Eagle? Tyres?

So many questions wanting answers... I can't be the only one.

Oh BTW, fantastic riding on sweet looking trails!
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 Its a Norco Range C.1 with some changes!
I use 27.5 Spank Oozy 350 wheels
Crankbrothers Mallet E's Clipped in (although I switch to flats to change things up sometimes)
RockShox Lyrik RC2 with 180 mm travel with an RS Super deluxe coil in the rear
my current drivetrain is a Sram Eagle XO1
I use Schwalbe Magic Mary's front and rear with their downhill casing and extra soft compound. about 17psi front and 20 rear.

Feel free to message me for more information if you're curious!
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 Love it for the fantastic riding and the simplicity of this video. Well done.
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 best trail in the OK!
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 wit the steezy leg switch at :47
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 Heading there for a week in June...I want that! Please let us know the trail name? Pretty please? Super dialed riding BTW....
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 il give u a hint, its mapped on trail forks. the rest is an adventure!
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 Best guess is Kal Park. But, like shaunnyz says, look up the Vernon area on Trailforks. The okanagan valley has so much epic good riding on offer, you'll only just scratch the surface. But, you'll have a blast doing it.
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 @kkse: Not Kal park. Hint. The trail name is in the video description.
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flag modjoe23 (Apr 20, 2019 at 17:46) (Below Threshold)
 It’s ‘the baconator’ over at Noble Canyon.
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 @modjoe2 It's actually two trails linked together. Everything to the 31 second mark is Sauce ON Side then Baconator. Find both and do the full pull for maximum shred.
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 @shredb4dead: knowledge... I mean, it’s like you built it or something Wink
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 @cmcrawfo: Everything in the video was built by geniuses. Smile
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 @freeinpg This was filmed on a few different trails within Noble Canyon. Hope you enjoy your trip out here!
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 @shredb4dead: You legend!! Really appreciate yours and everyone else's work on Vernon trails!
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 Hotdamn Fantastic is what that was. Nice!
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 Yeah buddy, super smooth!
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 Some pretty sweet riding going on in here!
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 I for one LIKE the natural soundtrack. The sound of someone so fast riding in a setting like that makes for a perfect clip.
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 Alu frames and mtb vídeos!? Raw please
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 Jacob, u animal.
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flag youknowitsus (Apr 20, 2019 at 21:10) (Below Threshold)
 oh man you're really cool you must know him?
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 Looking forward to riding with you this summer!!
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 The perfect music for this video is no music!
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 Nice edit dudes!
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 @markeed Thanks Mark!
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 Best mtb video soundtrack ever!
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 Dirt looks prime! Rippin!!
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 Margarine, Parkay anybody,,,,,,,,,Butter...
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 That trail is so played out... better goods out there.
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 Hater. Lol
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 So good man!

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