Video: Sketchy Roof Ridge Lines as the Brendan Fairclough Lockdown Rampage Series Continues

May 4, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesEpisode 2 of the lockdown Rampage series and this one's a Danny Macaskill special with scratchy ridgelines and van hops. Locked in at home has got my head spinning and all sorts of wild ideas have popped into my head. This one being one of the first actually. Loving filming these at home for you guys. Gets me back out on the mountain bike and feeling like I'm back at work. I mean it's no UCI World Cup but keeps me out of trouble.... sort of. ????

Thanks for watching and already dreaming up ideas for the next one. Don't try this at home and stay safe. I'm a trained professional!!!! haha
Brendan Fairclough


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 I definitely will not try this at home even though I have a flat roof. Your enthusiasm is catching!
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 I worry for the nice olde shingles.
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 Fuck those shingles that house needs a new roof
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 @JimmyWeir: Nah, they're vintage.
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 at first I thought they were slate but the colour is terra cotta? Sketchy as hell but I was more worried about the shingles then him.
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 Me too! Can't watch the vid cause I'm worried what'll happen to the shingles.
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 Chaps, whatever do you mean vintage?

These roof tiles are modern tech over here - everyone else in England still has thatched straw roofs.
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 @kingbike2: clay tiles, covered in moss, mildew and lichen...
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 @jamesdippy: I was gonna say, that roof looks practically brand new!

My parents had their roof looked at for de-mossing and re-tiling and the guy said that the thing holding all the tiles in place so well was the moss itself.

And what the hell are shingles? I thought that was an illness old people got.
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 @jamesdippy: You have thatch? fancy bastard, we still live in caves down here.
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 @Patrick9-32: @jamesdippy: y’all have me dying in my job trailer. Luckily I’m by myself.
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 @haroman666: it is an illness as well. Their like tar paper with a bunch of little rocks stuck to them that overlap.
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 Pro mountain biker, amazing house, beautiful wife, defender, motorbike, vw transporter. The man has it made.
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 And you may find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife
And you may ask yourself, “How did I get here?”
With a bicycle of course!
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 Thank you !!!@EricHarger:
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 @EricHarger: Letting the days go by, water flowing underground

[if Brendog forgets to patch all those roof holes, that is]
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 Don't forget the great bike sponsor.
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 @SCOTT-Sports: Oh when did he change Wink
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 Seeing just a glimpse of his personal life makes him more relatable....
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 @SCOTT-Sports: give this man a raise for such great creative content!
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 Here is a man who's never heard or Rod Hull
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 Em-u had to bring it up...
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 Meanwhile, the rest of the world are saying "Eh? Rod who?"
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 I was already a huge fan of Brendog but now I realize that we have the exact same taste in motorcycles, trucks and vans. Main difference being I have yet to acquire said vehicles.
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 C O N S U M E
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 You are basically him
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 Yooo what model of bike is that? (The BMW of course, not the mtb) Looked a n g r y as hell
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 Not a Beamer expert but looks like a 80's R80 that's been given a street tracker treatment.

EDIT: haha I guessed correctly - Brendan has a few videos where's he's given the moto the spotlight.
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 I guess riding rooflines doesn't violate Pinkbike's riding responsible disclaimer ha ha. Good on Brendan for going for it!
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 I just realized Fairclough is a complete nutter. lol Great Video and no worries, will not try this at home.
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 Chill the shred, Save a Bed need not apply eh?
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 Yes I thought the advice was something like Not Far No Gnar No Car. 2 out of 3 ain't bad but the third, well falling off roof may not end prettily and I'm sure the Ambulance service have better things to be doing right now.
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 Mind you Brendog is in a crucial profession. He needs to do this for our wellbeing. Also, usually when I plan on doing something risky I check with the hospital first.

"Hey I'm planning to ride on my rooftop but I might drop off. Do you happen to have capacity to scrape me off the tiles and patch me back up."
"Oh well we're a bit busy here at ER but two or three of them should be done tomorrow, one way or another. So if you could hold on for another day it would be lovely."
"Will do, thank you!"

See, communication is key. Kidding aside, watching him walk on this rooftop and having a few proper bails I'm not all that worried. He won't drop like a beanbag. If he can't stay on that ridge I can easily imagine him running down and at worst sprain an ankle if he lands wrong.
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 You know pro mountain bikers salaries can't be bad when Bren risks damaging his van and house in the quest for some YouTube likes
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 Pinkbike: Mountain biking irresponsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic puts you and others at risk. Riding injuries put unnecessary stress on medical systems that need all available resources to fight the virus, and group rides increase your chances of exposure. Please follow all local health authority directives, and DO NOT take risks.

Also Pinkbike: this video
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 Nice work Brendan # wouldn't be rampage without a ridge line! Danny Macaskill would be proud. Can't wait for episode three - Can you play it in reverse and flip the van (or maybe Bernard's reliant robin - don't want more van damage). Other side of the house looks like you get more descent if speed is an issue! That ridge line looks super scary. Finest regards, Dan
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 I like seeing a not fully successful video but shows the process that goes into it.
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 ha, yeah , stay safe at home!, lol...christ
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 I hope the windscreen insurance claim advisor isn’t a Pinkbike fan......
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 Brendan’s cottage is super cute. Looks like something a life sized hedgehog in clothes would live in.
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 He has a tape measure now!
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 Now go watch the new Wibmer video.
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 With screwing into the roof, one question - doesn't it rain there?
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 In England? Never. You're thinking of Scotland
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 @chris-adam-media: Are you a southerner????
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 @fatduke: Sorry it's hard to read your comment in the blazing sun we have down here in the S.E
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 @chris-adam-media: we had 3 weeks of sun it was glorious..........aaaah the summer of 2020
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 @fatduke: Wasn't that 2017?
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 That's a nice roof, I'd be more inclined to powerwash it.
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 That would take away the originality
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 Powerwashing a roof is a good way to find any potential leaks and open them right up. Especially with an old slate roof like that. Be better off just scrubbing it if he wanted it "clean."
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 I really wish America would get in on this lockdown craze......looks like a lot of fun. But you know...'Murica
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 Oregon’s on stay at home orders till July 6th.... that’s when we’re supposed to go back to our new normal.
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 @scotttherider: yeah...but I don't know if American has noticed how much better the free health insurance countries have been handling lockdown compared to the U.S.
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 @kymtb0420: I don’t understand this lockdown concept. I still do everything like any other time. I go work 6am to 6pm, 6 days a week. If you love the health care systems elsewhere than feel free to move there.
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 @scotttherider: That explains your injuries---only being able to ride once a week at most......jumping is hard with no experience.
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 @scotttherider: You also suck at dam maintenance....Our country has a D grade on dam infrastructure. Quit milking the clock loser.....get to repairing.
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 @kymtb0420: next time your out in Oregon we’ll have to go ride blackrock. I can ride and jump just fine. Hit a jump blind first time Got thrown and paid the price. Don’t understand what this has to do with universal health care?
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 @kymtb0420: I don’t do civil f*cknut. I work in the hydraulic part of the turbine. I actually worked in your shithole town at Ohio Falls. I do custom machining and welding.
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 @scotttherider: Maybe you should do civil if you're such an asset to this world....or are you just another overworked loser who doesn't experience anything outside of their little bubble???? Don't give me the b.s about how YOU'RE well traveled.....I've read YOUR other posts and can pretty much peg the character YOU'RE playing. It's just a shame that only when it happens to you--will you learn the lessons on how idiotic and corrupt our insurance based healthcare business is. YOU'RE not as free as you think you are.

As much as I'd love to stay home today and argue over our ass-backwards healthcare system...unlike yourself, I took the risk of starting my own business and have to go work...You can enjoy working for someone making them rich at the expense of your personal life. I wonder when the last time you genuinely laughed or made your paralegal wife feel loved....Enjoy life loser---it's coming to give a kick in the ass. No one gets away from life without a horrible experience.
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 @kymtb0420: I have no interest in civil work. Concrete work and earthwork are not much fun from my point of view. I do enjoy my bubble thank you very much. Also I’m not overworked in the slightest. I enjoy what I do. I play with some of the biggest most precise toys building and working on some of the biggest turbines in the world. I’ve flown on bush planes into sites that are literally 100 miles from anything in any direction.

I’ve watched the failures and heard the horror stories in my travels across north and South America of socialistic health care. Many of my Canadian counter parts have had to pay out of pocket to have procedures their Canadian health system deemed as unnecessary given their age(acl, meniscus damage and an rotator cuff) Had they not paid out of pocket would have needed to wait years on a list to get these procedures done if at all. I on the other hand with my lack of skills on display when I destroyed my ankle went in for my first surgery within 12 hours to fix the dislocation. Then a month later I chose the surgeon to reconstruct my ankle(yeah I picked the best ankle surgeon in the Portland metro area). In a socialist system it’s luck of the draw. You might get the may get the worst. Do I disagree that there should be some level of free health care for I don’t disagree that all should have healthcare. I do believe that all systems have flaws.

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