Video: Slapping Endless Loamy Corners

Jan 25, 2020
by DoH .  
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Liam Moynihan goes out in search for the fabled brown snake in an effort to tame the fierce and terrifying mystical beast! Can he charm the brown snake?

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 Plenty of brown snakes in Australia. Woudn't recommend slapping them though
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 all these years wondered what loam and moist trails were like, thought i was missing out....turns out i like my dry, hot, dusty, gravely, hard trails....
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 that's not loam, just good dirt
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 Lived in SoCal for 15 years. I now live in loam country. I do not miss dry, hot, dusty, gravely trails at all.
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 when do we see the whole (old) Dudes of Hazzard crew together in one video again?
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 Conflicts of interest I reckon.
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 Lmao what a nutty little video. Need more stuff like this!
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 Am I the only one who is getting tired of endless corner schralping? Don't get me wrong, Liam Moynihan is a better rider than I could ever hope to be, but it just gets....boring to watch.
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 Just as well the video title was written for the likes of you then, eh!
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 @glasvagas: Fair point, I just didn't think that'd be the only thing in the video.
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 @grnmachine02: There was a baby! Razz
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 These videos make me wonder if the new Zipp 3Zero Moto rims would be advantageous in loose corners. Would be cool to see a side-by-side test by PB.
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 I feel there wouldnt be much advantage in the soft dirt. The energy into the corner wouldnt all feed into the wheel as the ground underneath is soft and would absorb a lot of the energy that would have caused the wheel to do it's fancy side to side movement. Just build a course on a hill that has all sorts of funny shaped objects stuck to the ground and have one bike with zip wheels roll down it and then do the same test with regular wheels.
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 @TheBearDen: Fair play Salute
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 ssssuper bermology, heres your PH.d
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 sitting on the toilet watching this video and releasing a brown snake in its natural habitat
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 I think he found a brown snake he wasn't looking for
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 Scottish guys vs Bryn Atkinson: Slither-off. Who can snake down a curvy trail best?

Also maybe vs a real snake?
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 Really cool video, thanks!!!
Just a bit a pity to do that with a full-sucker. This type of terrain is so much funnier with an aggro-hardtail Wink
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 Not the right kind of snake! Lol at least he's not looking for brown trout
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 one of the best vids I've seen on here in a while, well done!
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 Good work lad. Always great to see vids from the dudes!
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 The dudes never dissapoint!
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 Would like to see pov footage of whatever great looking trail this is.
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 Would not call 10 terns endless?
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 Perfect video! Dudes of Hazzard seriously have this mtb thing figured out.
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 I don't think you can call that loam, but OK
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 That was literally the greatest thing I’ve ever seen
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 That’s not loam, that’s moist dirt!
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 Braw stuff
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