Video: Throwing Big Tricks on a High Pivot Enduro Bike in 'Ambiance'

Nov 19, 2021
by Léo Grosgurin  

Here is a video we made in September with Arthur, traveled to some beautiful places around Lake Leman in Switzerland. This video shows Arthur's routine and what he likes to ride in the year, bike park, skatepark, freeride, jumps, we chose each places to have the best possible scenes with the perfect light.

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 Can only imagine what this would be like on a standard-pivot enduro bike!
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 Marketing bs. 26 hardtail 4lyfe
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 You mean a “retro pivot” bike?
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 @RedBurn: Ahaha I actually still ride a 26" hardtail as my main bike
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 @RedBurn: I ride an ol 26 dh bike, the bike is rad AF.
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 It's a riding video I can't see why it matters where the pivot is.
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 Pinkbike has officially shotgunned all the marketing kool-aid with this title.

Bring back the good ol’ days of ‘Run what ya brung’
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 Same here I wonder why they spam about it so much. Do they sell poorly?
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flag brianpark Mod (Nov 19, 2021 at 7:54) (Below Threshold)
 It’s probably harder with a high pivot and csl that lengthens through the travel on pops etc.
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 @brianpark: or we could just stop trying to overly sell the fact that the bike is going to dramatically affect a person’s skill set in every other post.

If you shred, you’re going to shred on a clapped out death trap.

If you’re mediocre, the best, newest, most in fashion suspension and layout aren’t going to suddenly make you a master.

In fact, most people are probably over biked and if you have to rely on your bike to ride certain trails/terrain, you are less accomplished on a bike that you likely believe.

Highlight the riders not the technology.
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 @dungeonbeast: I find it funny how they talks about ppl needing to try optimizing their current suspension before blowing 4 digits on new suspension on the podcast but post articles about how amazing top tier suspension is. I think we get the pragmatic person in conversation and the marketing employee in articles.
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 @brianpark: it's probably harder with a cushcore and brutal hangover, you can use that title when you feel the need.
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 why does it matter where the pivot is? riding was top noch
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 oh yes, those would definitely be unduable on VPP, horst or DW link susp bike.
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 Arthur shreds like a madman, just dont get why the title focuses on a bike rather than the rider
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 Damn these titles make me want to quit mtb lol
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 Cringe core
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 Cool video, but could someone tell me where the pivot is located on his bike
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 Suckle on up to corporate PB's marketing teat. Prepare to be pumped full of undeserving hype & pretentiousness. Do not forget to CONSUME at all costs.
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 No way he could’ve done this on a lowly regular height pivot bike
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 Nice, didn't know there was a bikepark in Leysin! I went there 23 years ago when we were visiting my dad's family, around the lac leman. Such a beautiful place, I can't wait to go back but this time with my mtn bike!

By the way, nice riding and more than excellent choice of music!! Didn't think I would hear some AOTP in a mtn bike video, so cool!! Big Grin Used to be THE track I would listen before riding lol

Also, super good looking bike!!!
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 "Ambiance" ...great riding and great shots in just the right light.
"High Pivot" bait I have no problem with that.
And do some people get up, look in the mirror and bitch at themselves just to get ready for their day?
Video was a great watch. Kudos!!!
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 Git it wrong and the title would be ambulance.
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 Peaty 5 mins ago: “my 2006 26” bike is almost as fast as the 2021 29er”

PB rn: “high pivot! but how?!”
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 Imagine the guys like Semenuk who do stuff like that with old school low pivot bikes - crazy!
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 I get the hate with the title "High Pivot Enduro" but (a) probably not the rider or filmer making the title and (b) where do you draw the line? Is "Big Tricks on an Enduro Bike" OK? or "Bike Tricks Movie"? maybe just "Bike Video"?

Regardless, amazing riding and great fil making.
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 Bullshit title, but great video, and photos. I love Switzerland, and just the alps in general, so keep pumping this out!
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 And some of the tricks are done with a non-pivot-bike. Just sayin…
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 I thought it said "Ambulance" for a second
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 Bullshit title

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